A Place to Rest My Head in Peace

Hotel chic from HGTV.com

It’s 2008 and I have finally realized that my bedroom is a MESS! Oh, I’ve cleared out most of the clutter. That was my end of 2007 project. Everything that I didn’t use, that I didn’t like, that just took up space went out to the trash or goodwill.

But even with that done, it’s still a mess. See, there’s this little toddler person who has invaded it. His toddler bed is there. His cars are there. His dump trucks… his books, his stuffed animals… yeah, everything. Not because he doesn’t have his own room. He does. Technically he shares a room with his sister. He’s the first to tell you though, that Mommy and Daddy’s room is also his room!

I have determined that this is one of the major projects for 2008. Mommy and Daddy are kicking a boy out. And then mommy is going to transform our bedroom into a soothing retreat. A level hotel retreat. This is something we need because, frankly, with three kids, it’s not like we get out to a real hotel very often (umm… can we say NEVER since the youngest was born?!).

So this post is all about inspiration. I’ve been trolling the web looking for the best rooms I can find. Eye candy, so to speak, to motivate me through the inevitable work that will go into transforming what we have into what I want.

I’m looking for a space like this lovely room by designer Ammie Kim:

Ammie Kim master

With a quiet seating area like this:

Ammie Kim sitting room

Or look at this lovely space by designer Lori Dennis:

Enclose yourself in a space like that and you could almost believe, for a few moments at least, that there’s a nanny in the house managing the three rowdy monsters while you sip tea and plan entertainment for the next day.

Ah, to sleep… perchance to dream… I’m just looking for a place to rest my head in peace.  That’s my major budget decorating goal for 2008.  What’s yours?


7 thoughts on “A Place to Rest My Head in Peace

  1. pflores says:

    First I wanted to say that I loved the pictures you put together in this page.
    My husband and I moved to this house 6 months ago, it isn’t a big house but even so it’s still half empty…there’s so much to do and I am not that good at it. It will be a slow process, getting it to where it’s the way we want, and I’ll be reading your blog to get some inspiration.

  2. Heather says:

    Congrats on the new blog!

    Keep the great ideas and inspirations coming! My current project is creating an office/sewing area in a spare bedroom (more on that at my blog, if you’re interested). And I’m definitely on a budget! So, I’ll be back! ;o)

  3. krysk says:

    I wish you luck with your blog and I will definitley be tuning in for ideas. We live in a small NYC apartment with two children and by the end of they day all the rooms have sort of melded into each other. I felt immediately soothed and inspired by your photos. I look forward to what is next!

  4. Sarah says:


    This looks great; I could use a soothing, toy-free room, too! Any advice about how to keep your little one from trashing everything? (Do I just have to wait until he’s older until he stops pulling everything from the bookshelves and toyboxes and throwing it in the toilet?)

    Can’t wait to hear more about your quest!

  5. Tymikka says:

    I love your blog. I, too, have a toddler that I am planning to kick out of my room this year as well! He is 2 and his sister is 4. He toggles back and forth between her room and mine, but has his own! We are in a small living space, but I want to maximize what we have and enjoy coming home to a realxing environment – without stepping over Elmo, dump trucks, etc. Love the photos and keep the suggestions coming!

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