Craigslist Monday: Furnish an apartment for less than $500

Happy Monday Budget Decorators!

Did ya’ll have a great weekend? I started some major projects…AND ran into a pole in our brand new truck! : ( As you can imagine, the hubby wasn’t too happy with that. Especially since I had my accident going to purchase a $10 lamp from craigslist!  That’s easily the most expensive $10 lamp I’ve ever bought.

Anyway, I set myself a little challenge for today’s post. As I sat pondering if the hubby would leave me for dinging the new truck, I thought, I wonder if I could furnish an empty apartment for less than $500 with stuff from craigslist? Luckily, I don’t have to put my plan into action since he finally forgave me last night, but I thought I’d share my “imaginary” purchases with you. This is my list for an empty one bedroom apartment, starting with this lovely white sofa (cause in my daydream, I wasn’t worried about sticky kid fingerprints!):

white sofa for $60 I love the modern lines (crisp, short, and square) and I can totally see making a few colorful throw pillows from Heather Bailey’s fabric to accent it. And the best part is, it’s only $60!!!

Next on my imaginary shopping spree was this really cute coffee table for only $30. (And I had every intention of asking if they’d take $20 for it too ’cause I needed to make my money stretch!)

$30 coffee table

Then I added more seating with this $20 red chair. Once again, I liked the lines and the pop of color.

$20 red chair from craigslist
I really wanted this wonderful mid century lime green chair, but figured they were out of their mind for $250. Regardless, I’m pretty pleased with my $110 living room set. But now I need a place to eat…

chest of drawers and mirror $20While looking for a dining room table and chairs, I laid eyes on this sorta old fashioned chest of drawers. Since it was only $20, I could definitely afford some wood glue and white paint to clean it up. And down the line, I could save up for some on sale Anthropologie knobs to change out the handles. My bedroom will be all lovely and shabby chic!

Speaking of bedroom– maybe I need a bed? Let’s see… not fond of the idea of a used mattress, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

I sighed when I saw this lovely antique head and footboard. It was a budget blower at $145. And it didn’t come with a mattress set.

But it’s just so lovely that I had to have it.

antique full-size pecan wood head & footboard $145
So what if it doesn’t match my newly painted shabby chic dresser? And who cares if I’ll have to sleep on the sofa until I save up for a mattress? This is true beauty and who can go without that in their life?

So I’ve spent over half of my $500 budget ($275) and I now have furniture in the living room, most of what I need for my bedroom, but I still don’t have a place to sit and eat. That’s really important to me because I love to cook and have friends over for dinner.

And then I saw this and wanted to yell and scream with glee! (No. Really. I’m serious. For a minute I completely forgot that this was all fantasy and was so happy that I jumped up and down!)

1957 Drexel dining table with 6 chairs $95 Can you blame me? This is THE deal of the day. $95 for a 1957 Drexel dining table with six chairs (and 2 leaves). It’s a little big for my imaginary apartment, but I’m going to make it work. This is a piece that can follow from my imaginary apartment to my new imaginary house, when the time comes.

That brings my total to $370. Leaving me $130 for an Ikea run to stock up on kitchen supplies and a few decorative accessories.

Not too bad, huh?  THAT is why I love craigslist!

*Remember, I’m not associated with anyone selling any of the furniture I’ve featured today. Everything looks like a good deal based on pictures and the ad details, but make sure you check it all out for yourself before letting money exchange hands.


8 thoughts on “Craigslist Monday: Furnish an apartment for less than $500

  1. Jrizzo says:

    Hi! I couldn’t find your e-mail, but mine is generally attached to comments if they are sent to your e-mail…if not let me know and I will find another way to send it to you!
    Jen R

  2. Aja says:

    I love it! It’skind of like my “mental makeovers”. Seems like Atlanta has a great selection on it’s Craig’s List. Ours here isn’t so great, it’s often saturated with a lot of cheap (not inexpensive) tacky pieces. You know like black lacquer and faux marble bedroom suites, leopard posters and velvet double stuffed reclining sectionals, lol. Every once in a while I find something good, but it’s usually gone by the time I get a response. Woe is me!

  3. Tricia Ballad says:

    I’m so jealous on the $20 dresser! That piece would fit perfectly in my life, and in my budget – too bad it’s in Atlanta! Our craigslist is kind of a bummer – mostly people looking to make back what they spent on the piece new. Sorry, but I’m not paying somebody $450 for a crib when I can go buy one brand new for that….


  4. Courtney @ nestinginstincts says:

    okay, this is too funny…I have totally bragged to my husband that I thought I could furnish an apartment via Craigslist for less than $500. I’m thinking if we combined our efforts we could do it for $400! well done Shauntelle, fellow CL believer!

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