Tackle It Tuesday

Painting, painting, and more paintingToday I officially decided to join in on the meme, “Tackle It Tuesday.” The plan is for me to finish the projects that I started last week: painting my hallway and redecorating my youngest son and daughter’s bedroom.

The hallway project started when I got a wild hair to paint. There was left over green paint from when we originally painted our living area and I thought it would be a wise idea to carry that color into the hallway. For laughs and giggles, I decided halfway through the project to introduce a second color and some horizontal stripes… I figured it would be practice for the stripes I want to put in Catie and Ian’s room.Horizontal Striped Hallway

Several curse words and days later, I found myself finishing the hallway project this morning at 7am. There’s a big story involving bad paint, multiple coats of bad paint, leading to a midnight run to Walmart for good paint… but I won’t bore you with that. Suffix to say, I’m waiting anxiously for the final stripe to dry so I can count that project as (mostly) completed.

The major project for today is completing Catie and Ian’s room. I started painting yesterday. It took ALL day to put on three coats of primer and the only coat of their base blue. (Trust me, save money on everything you can except for paint. The primer that took THREE coats was a 50% off $2 gallon of primer from our local discount store… bad, bad, bad idea… did I say BAD idea? Even with three coats, it never fully covered the mural I had on the wall originally. Amazingly enough, the $10 Walmart paint did a great job in exactly ONE coat.)

Makings of a new room

This mess is one of many piles littering my home while waiting to be moved back in to their room. The project list looks like this:

  • Paint inside of closets
  • Add yellow, green, red, and white stripes to walls
  • Add new organizers to closets
  • Organize toys in closets
  • Paint new side table either yellow or red
  • Kids make art to hang on walls
  • Hubby put together new headboards and place beds
  • Purchase new chest of drawers and new desk
  • Make curtains
  • Make stools for new desk
  • Purchase rug
  • Fall out from exhaustion!

Originally the goal was to get this all accomplished by baby boy’s birthday TOMORROW!!!! Um… can we say not going to happen? Just writing that list made me tired. Realistically, I’ll be lucky if I can get the closets and stripes painted today around watching the three year old I babysit, Ian, and my poor sick Catie.

Perseverance, right? Ah well… tune in next Tuesday (hopefully) for the big reveal! And don’t forget to check out what else is being tackled today by clicking below:

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


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