Opinion Poll: To slipcover or not to slipcover?

Happy Valentine’s day!Hello my sweets!  Happy Valentine’s Day!  My treat this morning is having a whole hour to myself.  That’s right, no kids, no hubby, no anyone but me… all by my lonesome.  You can not understand how rare that is.  Just drinking a cup of tea and reviewing my decorating plans.

New (to me) chair and a half

This is my new (to me) reading corner chair.  I bought it this past weekend off craigslist (of course!) for $40.  It’s nice and cozy, plus it’s a chair and a half so I can cuddle up with both of my youngest in it.  I like the line of the arms and the color is okay, but I’m not feeling the legs and the overstuffed back cushion.

When I bought it, the plan was to create a slipcover for it and have my hubby change out the legs.  Now that it’s been home for a few days, I’m not so sure I should slipcover it.  So that’s the question of the day:  Do I slipcover the chair or just try to re-stuff the floppy back cushion?

I owe ya’ll an actual tour of my living area soon (once I’ve cleaned, I promise!) but here’s a few photos to help you see what else is in my living room:

My favorite orange chairs  Sofa

Those are my favorite orange chairs (also from craigslist!) and my sofa.  The new brown reading chair is actually in that corner behind the sofa, where the dining table used to be.  Across from the sofa are a pair of chairs and my $20 accent table:Updated $20 project and chair

(Do you see how I updated the accent table?  I bought a new plant stand that is black iron with a great circular pattern and then added the tray upside down for the top.  The top is black but you get a pop of red around the perimeter and then black at the base.  I LOVE IT!!!  And it was still only $20!)

So what do you think?  The corner where the new chair is used to be really dark, so I didn’t think I wanted another dark piece of furniture there.  Now I’ve added a floor lamp and a lamp on my desk (which is directly across from the chair), so the corner isn’t so dark.  I’m just not sure how to proceed.  And I don’t want to buy accent pillows or anything else to complete that corner until I’ve decided.

Opinions please!!!  Ya’ll have fabulous taste, so I know you’ll have great suggestions.  : )


3 thoughts on “Opinion Poll: To slipcover or not to slipcover?

  1. Sarah says:

    I think we should hear more about the slipcover options. What color? Solid or print? Going on what information we have now, I vote slipcover. If it is behind the sofa, but doesn’t match the sofa, it would be better if it was in a contrasting color/ pattern. And I LOVE the table. It looks fabulous, better that the one you were pining for!

  2. Shirlee says:

    A chair and a half is great when you have little ones. You can all pile in there with a book or cuddle. Do they make slipcovers for chairs that size? I’m no help, I’m not sure what you should do. Maybe live with it awhile?
    I love the new base for the tray table. It really looks like they were made for each other.

  3. Jrizzo says:

    I say either slipcover or use really bright orange pillows….OR what about a happy marriage of just slipcovering the back cushion and bottom cushion in a matching brown and orange print, leave the rest of the chair alone, and do solid orange pillows? Less work..big bang…
    Jen R

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