Inspiration Friday: Art to Design By

“Art attracts us only by what it reveals of our most secret selves.”

– Jean-Luc Godard

$10 RenoirEvery now and then I see a piece of art which absolutely speaks to me. That’s what happened to me last night when I stumbled upon this cheap reproduction of a Renoir painting. Everything about it called out to me, from the silver frame to the delicate flowers. I don’t have a bit of yellow in my home and I generally lean toward modern abstracts more than oil paintings… but I had to have it. Luckily, it was only $10 so now it’s home with me. I’m already busily planning the redesign of my master bedroom around it.

Do you have any pieces in your home like that? Art, pottery, fabric, or sculpture that just spoke to some hidden part of you? That’s the inspiration for today’s post. Photos of objects from around my home that have inspired and influenced my decorating.

This is my little stone Buddha and the faux orange lilies from my wedding. I keep them together on a leaning bookshelf in my living room and whenever I see them, they remind me to seek joy. The lilies are also my absolutely favorite shade of orange and were the reason I bought my favorite orange chairs.
orange lilies and buddha

I love my antique typewriter. And the books next to it are mostly by my favorite author Charles de Lint. Grouped together, they represent the part of me that loves words, myth, and the stories that become symbols of our selves.

antique typewriter

This hand blown (mouth blown?) glass vase is the beginning of the glass art I plan on collecting when I’m not worried about little children breaking things (when they go to college, I guess!). I love the color, I love the way the light reflects off the surface… I loved it so much that I originally bought two, but I gave one away when I was unable to use it.
Czech blown glass vase

Finally here is my little Ikea man standing next to a plant. I love the Ikea man because he’s whimsical and represents art… I like to think I have a creative family and this little mannikin says artist to everyone who walks in the door.

The plant was the first houseplant I’ve ever owned without killing! Used to be, I could have a lovely outside garden but couldn’t grow a thing inside. This little Ponytail plant changed all that and has allowed me to have living green inside, something especially nice while we’re in a drought and unable to water a garden outside.

Ikea man
I think I’m going to turn this into my own little meme. I won’t tag anyone specifically, but if you want to join in, post pictures of the art that inspires your design, then come back and leave a comment with the link to your post. I look forward to seeing what inspires you all!


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