Bonus Inspiration! Kid friendly design…

I wasn’t very satisfied with yesterday’s post; I suppose that’s what happens when you try too hard to work through your “to do” list when you’re actually sick.  Anyway, because I felt I’d gyped you, I’m giving you a bonus inspiration post.  A few weeks ago Tricia asked about kid friendly design and ever since I’ve been keeping my eye out for living rooms that would work for regular families… you know, the kind like mine, where there are crazy boys who run everywhere and have matchbox car races over everything.  It’s been a difficult hunt, I’ll admit.  Either designers have much better mannered children than I do or most people who have their rooms professionally designed keep their children in the basement… But I have assembled a few rooms that I thought had potential and that’s what I’m presenting to you now.

Designs from Whitehouse Builders:

Formal but comfy

Classic comfy

From Designer Zina Samek:

Samek Living Room

From Designer Loretta Willis:

Willis Living Room

Hope ya’ll are a fabulous Saturday.  I’m going to sip hot tea and take a nap…


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