Tackle It Tuesday: Laundry and Soup

SoupCough, cough. Sniff. Cough. Sniff. Sniff.


Excuse me. I’m still sick. And I really want to curl up in my bed with a pretty magazine and my mommy. (Hear that mom?!?! Almost 34 years old and I still need you to rub my head when I’m sick.)

Unfortunately, children and my laundry pile are calling me. Oh, there’s actually a HUGE list of other things I should be doing today, but I’ve wised up finally and realized that if Momma doesn’t take care of herself, she can’t take care of anyone else. So although I really need to:

  • sew curtains for Ian and Catie’s room
  • make fabric blinds for I and C’s room (via the great tutorial from two straight lines)
  • line their new (to them) dresser drawers (via the great tutorial from Design*Sponge)
  • finish the decorative paint details on their walls
  • hang pictures
  • buy desk
  • solve book storage
  • clean the rest of the house!!!
  • laundry

Umm… yeah. The only thing that is going to happen is laundry. (Repeat with me “Momma has to take care of herself to take care of anyone else. Momma has to take care of herself to take care of anyone else…” Surely I’ll stop feeling guilty about it after a little while?!?)

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4 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday: Laundry and Soup

  1. Flying Monkey says:

    Thats right! Nothing gets done when MOMMA is sick. Last week we were all sick. Thankfully the week before I had already done the kids school stuff, but they were home sick too! So all I did was underwear, sheets and towels, THATS it.

  2. Heather says:

    You’re so right. You have to take care of yourself first! Hope you’re feeling a little better today, and that you got that laumdry done. The rest can wait. ;o)

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