Inspiration Friday: The photography of Alicia Bock

By now I’m sure you all know that my preferred medicine for illness, bad days, or any reason what-so-ever is inspiring design. This week, along with trying to steal cat naps whenever the kids seemed slightly quiet, I’ve been building up my immune system by gazing fervently at the gorgeous photography of Alicia Bock.

I found this first photo via etsy (and don’t ya’ll dare buy it, because it’s on MY wish list!):

January’s Dreams by Alicia Bock

And then I went to visit her website where she has more beautiful prints available in various sizes as well as notecards and postcards. Here are a few more of her images that I fell in love with.

Burnt Orange and Blue by Alicia Bock

Fence with bike

The Date by Alicia Bock
If you get a free moment this weekend, go and visit her shop. Beautiful art is a must for a beautiful home and supporting such a wonderful artist by purchasing her reasonably priced prints is the kind of thing that has to get you Karma brownie points…

Hope ya’ll have a great weekend… and if you’re in the market for fabric, Hancock Fabric is having an in-store only 50% off sale. Ends tomorrow though, so get going!


5 thoughts on “Inspiration Friday: The photography of Alicia Bock

  1. Aja says:

    Too late on the dandelion print, I already have that I from her. Never fear though, mine is in black and white. I absolutely adore dandelions, I have them all over my home. Her art was another bargain buy for me, I purchased 6 note cards for about $20 bucks and framed them.

  2. Aja says:

    I stand corrected I just checked out her shop and it’s the “Dandelion Dream” that I have. Luck you!!! She has some great new prints as well. Thanks for the reacquaintance with Ms. Bock.

  3. Courtney @ nestinginstincts says:

    absolutely gorgeous. You’re right…it’s a little spooky…but you might be my long-lost twin. My living room is currently yellow (like yours, I believe!) and I’m planning to paint it a pale aqua very soon. 🙂 beautiful photos today.

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