Time to get creative… a challenge with prizes!

I’m totally addicted to craigslist.  As in, I’m always looking at it, even when I don’t have a need for anything particular.  So during my browsing this evening I ran across this very unusual desk for only $25:

Craigslist Desk

Not my usual style but there’s just SOMETHING about it.  Before I knew it, I was e-mailing the owner to make arrangements to pick it up tomorrow.  I already know my husband is going to think I’m crazy… and that’s where you all come in.  If it’s still available and I buy it, what should I do with it?

The ad says that it’s wood but need some TLC.  To me that means some sanding and maybe staining or paint.  My youngest children still need a small desk for their room so it could possibly go in there.  I don’t think I ever told ya’ll that I bought the $20 dresser that I featured on this craigslist Monday for their room.  My plan is to paint it a glossy red.  And you know they already have the white headboards.  So what do you think about me painting this desk white to put in their room?  (If it’s still available.)

Or maybe I don’t use it in their room at all.  I could paint it black and use it in my hallway.  I also needed a small shelving unit to go next to my reading chair…

This is my challenge to ya’ll.  Leave a comment with your suggestions for how I can work this desk into my home and the person who’s idea I use will receive a little goody bag.  (And if I don’t get the desk for some reason, I’ll write your names on slips of paper and have my youngest pull a name at random from a hat… so if you participate, you have the chance at a goody bag either way!)

There you go!  I can’t wait to  see what ideas ya’ll come up with…


10 thoughts on “Time to get creative… a challenge with prizes!

  1. Courtney @ nestinginstincts says:

    I’m visualizing it painted for sure…I can see it white, in the kids’ room. But what would make it really funky is if you found a really cool wallpaper or even wrapping paper, in a fun and modern print that matches your color scheme, and put that on just the tops of each of those side shelves as a fun accent. I don’t think I would even do it on the top surface of the desk, but just those shelves on the sides. It would be a fun little hidden surprise!

    by the way, we are feeling better at our house…I am feeling incredibly ignorant as I can’t seem to figure out how to get Blogger to let me respond to comments. I hit “reply” and it bounces back to me. I’ll figure it out soon…in the meantime I hope you don’t think I’m being rude! I’m so glad you’re liking my posts on Fridays. Don’t you just wish you were independently wealthy?? 🙂

  2. Janelle says:

    I see it in white, in the kids’ room. I’d paint the drawer the same red as the dresser you mentioned, and replace the handle with the same handles you’ll use on the dresser. I’m picturing something black and chunky.

    Then I’d have the kids pick their favorite or cutest toys to display on the side shelves–one item per shelf.

    I can totally see why you couldn’t resist it–there’s just something about that shape and the little shelves that is SO appealing!

  3. the feathered nest says:

    It’s an interesting table! When I first saw it I thought it would be a good crafts table since it has those shelves where you can place all your crafty things, so maybe the kids room would be good. They could put books or toys on those shelves. I think I’d do a color other than white – I like the red idea or maybe even add another color or two.


  4. lonelyhearttales says:

    I think each shelf should be a different color . . . it would be fun in the kid’s room, with all the different things you’ve got going on in there, but it could work anywhere in the house, to pull all the different elements together. Great find!

  5. Judi says:

    You know, if the picture is any indication, this is an art deco piece. If it’s in decent shape ie: just needs cleaning, I’d leave it as is ( and I love white painted furniture ) if it must be painted I’d use a black satin and trim in silver, kind of keeping with the art deco style. I would also have a piece of glass cut for the top.

  6. runninginchico says:

    I’ve thought about this and started to comment a couple of times. Really, I like it the way it is. I would probably clean it up, possibly refinish it a similiar stain, possibly something a little lighter. I think that the shape and the shelves are so unique and I like that it looks old. Not very creative, I know. It’s really a lovely piece.

    By the way, I just found your blog through MWs and I’m really enjoying it. 😀

  7. Sheila says:

    I’m thinking paint the desk black with white polka dots to pick up the ribbon you are using, or white with black polka-dots. Love your blog, Sheila from south TX

  8. Cynthia says:

    First time commenting… I love art deco furniture. Stay true to the style.
    Black, glossy. I like the idea of a mirrored top or glass with a black/white geometric pattern material underneath. Ever think of a vanity table for yourself?
    Would look great with a skirt around it, just about the right shape too. Very cute table. So I guess I agree with poster Judi. I think if it is just dirty then clean it, art deco has such personality that it really doesn’t need much.

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