Craigslist Monday: Misc. interesting stuff…

Happy Monday, budget shoppers!

How are ya’ll doing? Did you have a good weekend? I am feeling positively excited today because, after three weeks, I am FINALLY feeling like I’ve kicked the flu! Still a little bit of coughing but my energy level is almost back to normal and i just FEEL better.

I am also very excited about my first giveaway… I was at Marshall’s over the weekend picking up some neat stuff for the goodie bag! If you want a chance to win, pop over to my post about my most recent craigslist find here and add a comment with your suggestions. To be fair, I’m going to put everyone’s name on slips of paper and have my youngest pick a name from the hat. The drawing will be on this Saturday (March 8th). Don’t be shy! Go enter!

Craigslist today was slim pickings really. Nothing caught my eye as an exceptional deal, but a few things caught my eye as just interesting stuff. So that’s what you’re getting today… an assortment of interesting stuff.

Something I’d buy if they’d negotiate on the price:

$30 leather camel

Supposedly this is a designer real leather camel. I think it looks cool, but I wouldn’t spend $30 for it. ‘Cause I’m cheap like that.

If only I needed another sofa…

1970’s sofa for $75
I’d totally pick up this 1970’s velvet striped sofa for $75.00. I find the pattern and colors completely groovy, but it would be great slipcovered too.

If I weren’t shopping craigslist because I’m on a budget….

Crate and Barrel Steele sofa for $1200

I might consider paying $1200 for this Crate and Barrel “Steele” sofa. Maybe…


George Meachen Piano for $2500

Isn’t this a beautiful piano? I would definitely invest $2500 in this George Meachen piano, if I had the space (and the cash).

Hope ya’ll have a wonderful day! And be sure to come back on Wednesday to meet our feature designer whose gorgeous home was being filmed as she answered our interview questions!


2 thoughts on “Craigslist Monday: Misc. interesting stuff…

  1. Jrizzo says:

    The camel is pretty cool.. I thought there were slimpickings around here too. We have a local craigslist type site.. and nothin… I ma glad you are feeling better!
    Jen R

  2. the feathered nest says:

    Glad you’re feeling better – it does take a while to feel normal after having the flu.

    Stop by my blog next week – I’m having a give a way to celebrate my bday and my blogaversary.


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