DIY Thursday: We’re Having a Baby!

Tricia’s Dream CradleOkay, WE are not having a baby. My friend, romance writer and fellow mom blogger, Tricia Ballad, is having a baby girl!

Tricia is my WAHM hero. Somehow she finds a way to write, manage her household, and homeschool her three energetic little boys without appearing to break a sweat. AND she always has time to share advice and encouragement with new freelance writers like myself who don’t always have a clue which way to go. I absolutely adore Tricia!

So you can imagine how excited I was when she asked if I’d help her design a new nursery for our little Elizabeth. After years of Tonka trucks and Legos, Tricia is really looking forward to preparing for a little girl. Starting with a really peaceful and feminine nursery, a place that will be their lady retreat from their mostly masculine world.

I am soooo all over this project. Since we’re both bloggers, we decided to make it a shared blogging project too– that way you guys can enjoy the process as we go along. Over here ya’ll will see the budget design process in action… every Thursday for the next six weeks, we’ll discuss the design of the nursery from working out a budget and determining what look Tricia is shooting for to the creation of easy, inexpensive projects to create an adorable, but functional nursery.

Tricia, as I mentioned before, is a PRO at home management. So over at her place, you’ll get all the management details and the actual results of the projects we develop here. On Thursdays Tricia will discuss her goals for the week and on Tuesdays, she’ll show you what she tackled.

And all the while, we’ll be counting down to little Elizabeth’s arrival. Right now, her due date is supposed to be 8 to 10 weeks away. My hunch is that she’s gonna come sooner… Regardless, the pressure is on!

Isn’t it all so very exciting? We hope you’ll join us every week to see the progress. There’s even a plan in the works to hold a little contest so that one reader from each of ourblogs has a chance to win a goodie! So don’t forget to check in every Thursday, starting next week, okay? And be sure to pop over to Tricia’s blog, Living at the Speed of Life, today to read her take on the project and to say hello.

Before I go today, to whet your appetite, I’m leaving you with some of the images that are inspiring my thoughts on the nursery… Don’t blame me if they start any biological clocks ticking though! : )

Handmade baby tutu from Tickles and Tutus

I think Auntie Shauntelle NEEDS to buy this for our Elizabeth. What baby girl doesn’t need a tutu, especially a handmade one from etsy store Tickles and Tutu’s? (And how cute would it be hanging on a wall as dimensional art? )

Elegant nursery

This is the kind of elegant and peaceful retreat I think our ladies need (picture from The brown is a little more bold than Tricia is going for, but isn’t that chandelier lovely?

Girl with Curl illustration by Sarah Jane Studios

Read with Me illustration by Sarah Jane Studios

Aren’t these charming illustrations from the etsy store of Sarah Jane Studios? I find the little girl reading especially appropriate for the daughter of a writer.

Christening Gown by Prairie Roses
And the details on this handmade christening gown by Prairie Roses are perfect inspiration for curtains in an elegant, feminine room.


2 thoughts on “DIY Thursday: We’re Having a Baby!

  1. Shannon says:

    Such fun! I had two boys and then was blessed with twin daughters so I know the joy a little “pink” brings to a mama! I love all of your inspirations! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    I am just finishing my little princess’ new room. I will be post pictures as soon as I get the drapes finished!

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