Craigslist Monday: What $40 will buy…

Hello my budget decorating lovelies!

Sorry for the late post…I’ve been possessed trying to finish a few projects that I jumped into this weekend.  Although I was disappointed that our budget was too tight this week for me to do any bargain hunting, I am VERY happy about the progress I’ve made on some of my works-in-progress.  Tomorrow’s Tackle It Tuesday post will have great pictures!  : )

But on to the finds for today.  A friend of mine was lamenting about her tight budget this weekend and how she feels like she’ll never be able to get her apartment decorated on the little bit of extra money she has.  So, in her honor, today’s post focuses on great buys for $40 or less.

Let’s start with this great modern chair from West Elm:

West Elm Chair for $20.

It’s currently on sale on the West Elm website for $99.00.  But through the greatness of craigslist, you (or my friend) could call it yours for a mere $20!

If your taste runs more toward antiques, look at this beautiful vintage sewing table:

Sewing table for $35

If I could work it into my decor, I would spend $35 on this little beauty in a heart beat!  Even if you don’t sew, it would make a very elegant little side table or even bedside table.

The deal of the day HAS to be this $10 dresser:

$10 dresser

Depending on your style, it could be perfect the way it is.  But I’m thinking with a little paint and new feet and knobs, it could rival this Montego dresser from  Pottery Barn:Pottery Barn Montego Dresser

Adding in a little extra for paint, knobs, and feet, you would still easily have saved at least $1300!

Finally, the piece that makes me wish, once again, that I wasn’t 500 miles away from Tricia:

Glider and ottoman for $25

This glider AND ottoman are only $25!  That’s right, $25!  It makes me ill, cause it’s so perfect for the nursery project… sure, we’d have to make or cover the cushions with new fabric, but even that wouldn’t make this cost more than $40!  (Do you feel me sighing Tricia?!?) 

The moral of this post?  With patience, persistance, and creativity, you CAN create a beautiful home on the smallest budget.

Happy decorating!



2 thoughts on “Craigslist Monday: What $40 will buy…

  1. Torey says:

    I love Craigslist Mondays!! I don’t live anywhere near you, but please keep doing them. They are great and definitely inspire me to decorate on a dime. 🙂

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