Tackle It Tuesday: Paint, Staples, and Goodies, oh my!

This is a late post and really, I’m exhausted from everything I’ve tried to get accomplished before the day was over. Nothing like guilt to motivate you to get moving, right?

So, instead of a long post, you’re going to get a short pictorial. Just imagine this is a decorating task list board book, okay?

Here we go!

I’ve had a fabulous $12 shower curtain just waiting to be chopped up and used to reupholster my dining room chairs. That finally happened:

Before (as presented by my precocious cat, Chloe)

Dining chairs before with orange seats

The shower curtain replaces the $4 orange table cloth I used previously. Chloe will be sad to see that fabric go, since she was especially fond of clawing it.

After versus Before

After versus Before

It’s a toned down look, but more elegant. I promise you’ll see the full set once I get the final missing element for my center piece.

I’m also sooooo close to unveiling the final makeover of the children’s bedroom. My friend Sarah says I’ve been building the tension… sorry, it was unintentional. The truth is sickness and bad mojo has made it slow going. But the painting is finally done and here’s a little peek:

Fun, bright walls

I’ve also finished the sewing for their room, painted their desks, and mounted their wall bookshelves. Fingers crossed that their desks will be mounted and window treatments hung this weekend. Then you’ll get to enjoy the big reveal on Tuesday… hopefully!

Finally, and most importantly, I actually got Running in Chico’s goody bag off to the post office today. So, with her permission, I’m giving you a shot of what she can expect:

Goody bag contents

Hopefully the journal, picture frame, and book will be worth the extra week of extreme patience she showed… oh, and Michelle, the flower on the wrapping paper is actually a leather pin that you can use to decorate a pillow or a purse or even your hair! I hope you enjoy them (or at least find them worth regifting!). I loved the picture frame so much, I bought one for my bedroom!

So that’s my update today. Don’t forget to go check out what else is being tackled:

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


3 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday: Paint, Staples, and Goodies, oh my!

  1. Michelle says:

    Ooh, I am very excited about my goodie bag stuff. It looks wonderful!

    I look forward to seeing your projects when they are all completed. I love the chair fabric.

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