Craigslist Monday: Out of the ordinary…

Hello Bargain Hunters!

How are ya’ll doing today? Pollen almost cancelled Craigslist Monday! I don’t know about where ya’ll are, but here in Atlanta, early spring means everything outside is coated in yellow. We thought we were gonna be lucky and miss the pollen season because of all the recent rain and cold snaps, but obviously we were wrong since yesterday I noticed our truck changing colors. The crazy sinus headache I’ve had all day and my poor children’s red eyes today have confirmed that we are definitely in hay fever season! Yuck!

Anyway, I finally got my headache under control. Just in time too– cause while I was looking around for deals to feature in this post, I caught a great deal myself…

See that pair of capiz shell lamps? Those will be mine in one short hour… all for $20! I’ve been pricing them everywhere and the least expensive version I’ve found retail was at World Market for $40 each. Today was my lucky day, since these ARE the World Market lamps and I’m getting both for less than half the price of ONE! YAY me… makes up for the stupid sinus headache! : )

Great deals like that make me love craigslist… but I also love craigslist because of the chance to find unusual items at great prices too. And that’s the focus for today, unusual items that help a home feel “special” and unique.

Like this coffee table:

It’s made from a spinning gear! How extra cool is that? The listing says it needs refinishing, but for a mere $50, you’d definitely be picking up an amazing piece that could really make a room.

Or what about this antique Baby Grand Piano for $100?

Now, from the very amusing, but truthful story in the listing, this baby grand from 1903 is more for looks than use… but it’s from 1903! That’s over a hundred years old. For only $100. How often do you run across an opportunity like that? What would be even more awesome is if you could have it restored, but even if you can’t, talk about a conversation starter…

Any of you who have been reading this blog for a while (all 3 months of it’s life!) won’t be surprised that I’m in love with the following dining table and chairs for $175:

It just looks so fun to me, especially with those chairs. Admittedly, I’d only buy it if they were willing to negotiate on the price… but if they’d let it go for $150, and I had space, it would probably find a home with me.

My very favorite thing though, has to be this oh so glamourous and romantic chandelier for $75:

The listing says it’s in great condition and has all of it’s prisms. And look at this closeup of the detailing.

LOVE it!

It’s almost time for me to pick up my new lamps, so that’s all the craigslist goodies for today. Check back tomorrow to see how I solved my dark hole problem in the living room. And, don’t forget that “In the Trenches” will be back on Wednesday… our featured decorator is none other than Kim of Desire to Inspire. You’re gonna LOVE her home!


8 thoughts on “Craigslist Monday: Out of the ordinary…

  1. Courtney says:

    great snag on those lamps Shauntelle! and I’m sure you’re not surprised to know I love that chandelier. and that piano! gasp! it’s a dream of mine to own a baby grand one day.

  2. Jenn @ Frugal Upstate says:

    Those lamps are cool-but so not my stlye 🙂 That’s what makes the world go round isn’t it?

    I can’t wait to see what they look like in a room-you’ve got to post pictures.

    Thanks for all the fun and inspiration you offer.

  3. Shannon says:

    Great finds!! I saw two of thos shell lamps at the flea market this weekend and nearly bought them.

    That piano is fantastic! I would have that. Not sure what for but I would have it…if only I lived anywhere near Atlanta.

    And of course the chandelier is FABULOUS!

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