Tackle It Tuesday: Movin’ stuff around…

So last week I was complaining that I felt like my brown sofa sucked all the light out of my downstairs. I was really on the verge of trying to talk my husband into letting me sell it and buy a (new to me) one, but luckily, you all offered me great suggestions that saved the day! I spent time this past weekend shopping for fabric to make pillows and moving stuff around. The pillows aren’t made yet, but I can’t tell you how much of a difference moving things around made!

I’ve seen Courtney’s Before and Afters, so I should have known what a dramatic difference rearranging the furniture could make… but really, WOW!

Old conversation/television watching arrangement:

New conversation/television watching arrangement:

I still need something better to put the television on, but hubby has vetoed buying a new tv stand until he buys his dream flat screen. But I think the new placement helps to balance that issue out for now.

Old reading nook:

New quiet conversation area:

What I love about this new arrangement is that the chinese cabinet that my mother gave me from her home is now in a position where people can see and appreciate it. Plus this arrangement gives hubby and I a little place to sit together and relax at the end of the day. I think I need to add an ottoman and maybe a side table to round it out but once again, just rearranging things opened that space up and made it feel so much lighter.

Finally, there’s a new reading nook.

Nook before:

Nook after:

This is the only area I’m not satisfied with. Probably because this area was the only “finished” feeling area for so long, it’s hard to get used to thinking of it as a work-in-progress. Hubby says he doesn’t like the big chair there because it feels too big. I kind of like the way the weight of it balance out the weight of the sofa on the opposite wall. I already had plans to make a slipcover for the chair and when I do, I’m going to get rid of the “overstuffed” back pillow and make a couple of more modern looking ones to replace it… what do ya’ll think? Should I sell the chair and get a small more modern little loveseat to go in that area instead? (It wouldn’t be a big loss, I bought it for $40 so I’m pretty sure I could sell it for the same amount).

That’s my Tackle for this Tuesday. Don’t forget to check out what everyone else is up to… I love how motivating this is!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


12 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday: Movin’ stuff around…

  1. Hooked on Houses says:

    It’s amazing how big a difference it can make moving things around. Your sofa looks totally different with the orange chairs, sitting against the wall like that. I like it! -Julia πŸ™‚

  2. Jenn @ Frugal Upstate says:

    What about attaching a skirt to the tv stand with velcro? Then you could get under it easily, but it would look less “industrial”. It could be very tailored looking rather than ruffled-sort of box pleated on the sides? Or the front could be a separate panel, maybe so that you could roll it up and tie it to get to the equipment under it-sort of like the ties on a balloon shade.

    Am I making any sense?

    This article I found googling shows a ton of different types of table skirts. . . maybe some inspiration?


  3. Beth says:

    It looks great! Using the swivel chairs in the TV area is an especially good idea…you can turn one way to catch something on TV or the other way to involve yourself in a conversation.

  4. kelly says:

    I hope you don’t mind but, I have a few more suggestions. The tall white floor lamp that is in the reading corner , might look good in the corner opposite the tv , near one the orange chairs. Your long metal picture frame in the reading corner , might look good above your sofa . It would pull together the metal legs of the coffee table and the orange chairs . also until your plants grow larger you can place them on an upside down basket or can to give them more stature . If my container is too large for a small plant , I just put something ( paper,moss,another plastic pot) inside the pot told hold the plant taller and give it more stature in the room. You can probably find cheap baskets at thrift store.,or take a large coffee can ,spray paint it a nice rusty orange —– a new planter in your accent color.

  5. Courtney @ nestinginstincts says:

    you are too sweet…thanks for the shout-out…somehow I missed this post! I guess I was feeling so full of inspiration from Kim’s interview I didn’t scroll down far enough. Anyway, big improvement moving the orange chairs near the couch – they really lighten it up. Maybe one of these days you could post a floor plan, because now I’m really curious about how that whole open area is laid out! It seems like you have a lot of room and lots of different areas to work with! (which is wonderful, believe me…not a “problem” I have at my house) πŸ™‚

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