Inspiration for a fresh start…

Hola! Long time between posts, right?  One day I will be on schedule again, I promise!!  To be honest, I need to jumpstart my creative juices again because my personal problems have drained me and put me right in the middle of mind-numbing depression.  So, for the next few posts, you’ll probably see more inspirational ideas from me than anything else, ok?

Even though it doesn’t make sense financially right now, I am really craving a completely fresh start in my home.  If I could, I would sell everything, move into a new house, and start over.  The kids might not be too happy with that… and, realistically, my pockets wouldn’t be too happy with that either.

That’s what’s great about my blog though… I can daydream about the great new looks I’d create without worrying about how to pay for them!  So join me, if you please, as I recreate my living room…

Currently, I have this sofa:

It’s microfiber velvet and dark brown; both practical for a home with three kids, including one extra active four year old!  It’s actually fairly new as well, since I just bought it a little over a year ago.  Despite that, I am COMPLETELY in love with this sofa from Urban Outfitters:

This is the Edie Sofa in Seattle Grey.  It’s $800 which is relatively inexpensive for a new sofa, but still not an option for me right this minute.  (But I’m starting the Edie sofa fund, so if anyone wants to donate to it, feel free to paypal me at my email address! <grin>)

I adore the color.  Right now I’m on a total grey binge… probably because it looks so absolutely awesome with my other color du jour, light turquiose.  In fact, this sofa is almost exactly the color I plan to paint my bedroom.  I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shape and the legs.  And I have a real thing for tufting.  All in all, this is my perfect dream sofa and a great foundation for my new living room design.

Another thing on my dream list from Urban Outfitters is this great rug:

This is their 3×5 Numbers rug.  At $28, it’s in the do-able price range, so I plan to pick it up pretty soon.  Here’s the kicker though… I’m going to hang it on the wall!!!  Yeah, that’s me, a maverick of decorating.  It’s a flat pile cotton and I just think it looks like modern art, so I figure it’s an inexpensive, creative way to get some art up on this big blank area I have currently by the brown sofa.

The final thing that I am absolutely adoring on the Urban Outfitters website is this great chandelier:

Aren’t the tear drop crystals cool?  A very modern take on a traditional idea and not too pricey either at $48.   My only concern is that it has a single light bulb and I don’t know if that would be enough light to go over my dining table… Courtney, Melissa, ya’ll out there?  Care to tell me if this is the right size to use in a dining area or if it’s only good for accent light?
Well my beloved budget decorators, that is it for today!  I hope ya’ll enjoyed this small peek into the things that are inspiring my fresh start in life… no promises, but there’s a good chance I’ll have more for you tomorrow!  Before I leave though, I’ll share one more bit of inspiration… a quote that’s been helping me navigate the rebuilding of my life:

To try is to risk failure. But risk must be taken because the greatest hazard of life is to risk nothing. The person who risks nothing does nothing, has nothing, is nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn, feel, change, grow, live, and love.

-Leo Buscaglia

xoxo – Shauntelle


8 thoughts on “Inspiration for a fresh start…

  1. Melissa @ The Inspired Room says:

    Hi Shauntelle! You are dreaming big today, and that is the first step back towards happiness! Good for you. Your sofa is actually pretty modern in shape, lucky for you, so I think you should just incorporate lots of the other things you love around it, like the colors you mentioned. That way you can start love love your room with a big hit to the pocket book. Maybe some inexpensive but modern large scale patterned pillows would be fun.

    But, to answer your question about the light. I love it, but I do think that with just a single lightbulb your table might feel a bit dim unless you also have other lighting in the room, like lights in the ceiling or wall sconces or something. Although if that is your table in that corner, it is fairly small in size so it might not bother you that much. You could just consider it mood lighting. I couldn’t tell what you have there now.

    If you put a narrow table against the wall by the dining table you could put a couple of extra lamps to round out some of the lighting.

    Happy day, keep your chin up!


  2. kelly says:

    We missed you Shauntelle !!!
    Can you sew ? If you can find some upholstery fabric in the color and texture of the sofa at Urban Outfitters , you could make a slipcover and remake your existing sofa ,( though chocolate brown, with children, is a great color choice ). Then you could make a long flat tufted pillow to give you the look you like without the expense . Check out the fabric store they also have pins that screw into the furniture that will help you customize your slipcover and kits to recover buttons , for tufting .
    You are so talented at rethinking the design of items from Craig’s List that I know you could refashion a sofa .
    I love design and I read so many magazines and blogs that I want to change every room in my house daily . I am always wrestling with the part of myself that craves novelty , but I have found the happiest people BLOOM where they are and with what they have available to them .
    So glad you are back , take care of yourself .

  3. Julie says:

    I subscribed to you right around the time you had to take a break, and I want to let you know that although you don’t know me, and I don’t know you, my heart has been hoping for you to find the strength to step back into life. I’m glad you are taking this little step, and I am praying for you as all of this life-changing stuff comes your way.
    I love the sofa, and the light is cute, but I’m with Melissa up there….save up for that gorgeous sofa, incorporate the colors with pillows, throws, decorative accents, and the light may be too small to use as the main light over a table. But cute, cute, cute!

  4. Torey says:

    I’m so glad that you are back. I’ve been looking and looking for a new post from you and hoping and praying that you are doing okay. Looking forward to hearing from you more often! And still praying for you. 🙂

  5. courtney @ nesting instincts says:

    Hey Shauntelle! It’s great to hear from you! That sofa is so neutral that I think you should just do what you want around it and not worry about it. I’m having to work with an old olive-green sofa right now, even through there’s absolutely no olive-green in my living room. But if I forced myself to decorate with olive-green just to match the dismal couch, I’d be really unhappy. So I’m just treating it as a neutral and basically ignoring it.

    I agree with Melissa that the light may be too small…but…if you have a rectangular table, you could use two. Just a small round table – well, it might be okay. Without knowing the measurements and seeing the room I’m just not sure.

    My #1 advice to you, Shauntelle: PAINT. I think you should repaint your living room. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much that makes it feel like a new house. I love that color you want to paint your bedroom. What about a color like that in your living room? It’s light, fresh, modern…a nice juxtaposition against the dark sofa. Just a thought. White, light gray, or light blue would all give it a totally different flavor – and with a few pops of turqoise…yumm.


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