Craigslist Monday: Add character to your space for $100…

Better Homes and Gardens Living Room
Better Homes and Gardens Living Room

Hello my budget decorating darlings!

Did ya’ll have a great weekend? I am feeling bittersweet today; I sent my youngest off for his first ever day of school this morning! He was so excited with his new backpack full of school supplies and I was proud of myself because I didn’t cry like a baby the way I did with the first two. At least, I’ve managed to hold off so far… 🙂

Today I went virtual bargain hunting for pieces that would add character to a home for under $100. Ya’ll know that my style is really kind of modern/contemporary. I love clean lines and minimal fuss. But, at the same time, I’m well aware of how modern can look stark, cold, and uninviting… a look that I’m not fond of at all. My solution to this is to look for vintage or antique pieces with clean lines that can add a little character without overwhelming a room. (Okay, this is my theoretical solution. I’ve yet to successfully find the perfect pieces to do this in my home, but I’m still looking, alright? I could have this blog for 15 years and I bet my home would stay a work-in-progress… )

Vintage Velvet Sofa for $95
Vintage Velvet Sofa for $95

The first piece I came across was this great velvet sofa for $95. The color is daring and funky, definitely not for someone who wants a sedate room… but look at those lines! Hmm… I could sell my sofa (on craigslist of course!) and use the money to buy this one.

Vintage 30's metal chair for $30
Vintage 30's metal chair for $30

Wouldn’t this vintage metal chair make a lovely little accent piece? It’s only $30 (and, to be honest, I’d ask if they’d take $20). I see it paired with a more traditional round dark wood accent table but I think it could work in a variety of settings. I might recover the vinyl seat though with a patterned fabric or faux patterned leather…

30 year old china cabinet for $100
30 year old china cabinet for $100

Now this piece isn’t my general style at all, but somehow, the more I looked at it, the more it captured my imagination. I see it painted an antique white in someone’s kitchen. Or maybe a antiqued black, Ballard Designs style. In fact, I would probably paint and change out the knobs using this Ballard’s Huntshire Bakers Cabinet as an inspiration:

Ballard Design's Black Huntshire Bakers
Ballard Design's Black Huntshire Bakers

Not an exact match, but invest $100 for the piece, some elbow grease and another $70 or so for painting supplies, and you could have a gorgeous piece while saving over $1200 easily.

Antique Dresser for $85
Antique Dresser for $85

This final piece is something that I’m in serious lust over! I would run right out and buy this piece if I hadn’t just spent all my money on school supplies, because I think it would be an awesome buffet for my dining area. I love everything about it, the color, the lines, the size… EVERYTHING! :sigh: At $85, it’s bound to be snapped up in a few days.

That’s it for today my dears! Here’s wishing you a great start to a wonderful week…

xoxo – Shauntelle


6 thoughts on “Craigslist Monday: Add character to your space for $100…

  1. kelly says:

    Your idea to take the 30 year old china cabinet and remake it as Huntshire Baker’s cabinet is truly inspired !!! I see these at our thrift stores all the time and I have not have thought to take off a few doors , add some new knobs , paint and well maybe some rope moulding around the front edges to remake it into something I covet , from a much more expensive source .
    I would use the chair with a wooden vanity that I have in the garage , that I plan to paint and silver leaf . I have a lovely silver brocade fabric that would cover the seat perfectly .
    good to see you back !!!

  2. Michelle says:

    I can remember when I sent my youngest off for kindergarten. It’s hard when your “baby” becomes a “big kid.”

    I love that metal chair. Very cool!

    I’m always happy to see that you’ve posted again. Take care!

  3. Melissa @ The Inspired Room says:

    Great inspiration Shauntelle! Super ideas.

    Just popping my head back into blogland after being in a wedding fog…hope you are well! Good for you on your brave face sending your youngest off to school. I felt the same way with my third (shhh, I was secretly ready to be FREE!)…


  4. Rachel says:

    I just found your blog…love it! That couch is such a find! I would recover it in pale blue or purple. And at that price I could afford to have someone do it for me.

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