Craigslist Monday: Portland vs Atlanta, dining for $150

Hola my budget wonders!

Yes, you read the title right…Craigslist Monday is back!!! And not only is it back, but we are going to have our first city versus city challenge today. Aren’t you excited?

It started simply enough. I was trolling through the Atlanta postings, looking for seating… cause you know, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, extra seating is always useful! And then it hit me. Why not do a city challenge on dining room furniture? It’s the holiday season, everyone is entertaining… I can’t be the only one trying to figure out how to seat 8 in the space meant for 4! 🙂

So here you have it… the first city challenge!

Let’s get ready to rumble… (I’ve always wanted to say that!)… Atlanta versus Portland.  Which one will land us pretty seating and dining for 6 for $150 or less?

First up, the home team, Atlanta.

My first find was this cute maple dining set. It’s pretty modern, a little too much so for me (yes, you heard that right!), but it seats 6, looks like it’s in great condition and was exactly $150.

I have to admit, I was all psyched up after finding that set, because I found it so QUICKLY and I just knew it would be the first of several other finds.  Um… wrong!  20 minutes later, I couldn’t find anything that was in the right price range AND could seat the right number.  I was in the process of giving up when I stumbled across this pretty little set for $120:

pretty dining

The only problem?  Only 4 chairs!  I was crushed.  (Yes, I take my virtual shopping pretty seriously!) But then I found these:


It’s actually a set of 4 chairs for $30.  Not the exact style of the table and chairs, but close enough that you could make it work.  And the total would put you right at $150.

Phew!  After that, I was worn out with Atlanta and more than ready to move on to Portland.  Right off the bat, I ran across this pretty set with the perfect number of chairs for $150:

I could have EASILY stopped right there.  If it were for my own home, I would have ran to pick this set up. I mean there’s so much you could do with it.  Paint the table, stain the table,  leave it the way it is…  gorgeous, any way you look at it.

I could have stopped, but that great find had me intrigued. What else could we find in Portland?

How about:

Six chairs, the table, and two leaves.  Also only $150.  It’s a little retro-ish, but loads of potential.


Only $149, also with 6 chairs and the table.

Can you believe it?  I ran across several other great deals that would have fit the qualifications but I didn’t want to make Atlanta look too bad.

There’s no doubt in my mind… Portland craigslist wins this competition hands down.  If ya’ll live in Portland, seriously, you’re really lucky cause there are some great deals in that town!  🙂

Well, that it for today.  I hope you guys enjoyed this edition of Craigslist Monday and that you’ll check back in on Wednesday to see the newest “In the Trenches” interview.

‘Til next time,

xoxo – Shauntelle


5 thoughts on “Craigslist Monday: Portland vs Atlanta, dining for $150

  1. courtney @ nesting instincts says:

    Hey Shauntelle! This is TOO funny. You know I live in Portland…well, I just bought a table/chairs set for my kitchen on CL! I only needed four chairs – but I didn’t want to spend more than $100 – so after keeping my eyes peeled for a few weeks, I came across quite a gem! So I have a cute new maple table w/ four chairs (slightly country-style) for $100. How happy am I? I’m laughing that you just posted this. And you’re right. I highly recommend Portland’s Craigslist!

  2. Kate Copsey says:

    Shauntelle – what a great blog! If you are ever in the Roswell area, let me take you to some wonderful places for furniture at a bargain!
    Congrats on being on the prestigious House Beautiful site.

  3. Cheryl M says:

    What a great idea! It is interesting to see what is available in different areas. I live in OR, but not close enough to take advantage of Portland’s Craigslist. Darn.

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