Craigslist Monday: The best buy for your $50, Dallas vs Atlanta

Happy First of December!!!

Am I the only one who feels like I blinked and the summer flew by?  I can NOT believe it’s already December. I’m just not ready to start shopping for Christmas or all the December birthdays yet.  But I am very excited to be starting this month off with great news!  My very own A Beautiful Abode was featured on the House Beautiful website as one of their “sites we love.”  You can’t imagine how honored and excited I am!  🙂

Anyway, the feedback for the first city versus city craigslist showdown was really positive, so I thought we’d kick the month off with another one.  This time, we’re tightening the budget… only $50, cause really, isn’t most of your money going toward holiday gifts at this time of year?  And we’re head to the big D… Dallas, Texas that is… where everything is bigger.  Let’s see if that’s true of the bargains as well!

As usual, I started off with Atlanta.  To be honest, the A isn’t giving up much by way of good bargains today.  I was seven pages in and ready to give up… but then, the heavens opened up to bless me for my persistence and I discovered this: - $30 credenza - $30 credenza

Isn’t this a gorgeous credenza for only $30?!?!?  Yup, that’s right, only $30!   I’m thinking that this could be really gorgeous painted an antiqued black.  You could even change out the handles, although with an antique black finish, the current handles would look charming rather than dated.  For potential and cost, this credenza is definitely a winner to me!

In case you think something is wrong, I did make a valiant attempt to spend the remaining $20, but there was just nothing.  10 pages of NOTHING.  So, I gave up on beating that dead horse, and moved on to Dallas craigslist.

I thought the pickings were slim in Atlanta… then I spent 30 minutes trolling through the Dallas listings.  What a disappointment! Try as I might, I couldn’t find anything that I’d call a deal in the Dallas listings.  😦

Clearly, Atlanta is the winner by default today.

That’s it for today.  Just in time too, because I turned away from the computer screen to see snow flurries falling outside my window!!!  Time for celebrating with some hot chocolate.

Stay warm!  And don’t forget to go read the House Beautiful review!

xoxo- Shauntelle
P.S.  I almost forgot to tell you, a new “In the Trenches” interview will be up on Wednesday, so remember to stop by, ok?  🙂


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