Getting Back to My Roots…

A. Warden,
Photo credit: A. Warden,

No, I’m not talking hair dye! (Although, with all this grey hair peaking through , I should be! LOL)

I’m talking about the roots of A Beautiful Abode. This month marks A Beautiful Abode‘s one year blogoversary! It’s been an amazing year and I have learned sooooo much about design during that time. I’ve also met the MOST amazing people with the BEST taste!

Every few days for the past week, Go Daddy has been sending me reminders that it’s time to renew my domain name. Just like many of you, my family is struggling to keeps ends together due to job loss and the economy. Even a $7 purchase undergoes scrutiny at this point. The big question has been, do I have the passion and sustained interest to continue the blog?

To be honest, even though my life is still in rollercoaster mode, over the last couple of months my posts have been hit and miss because I’d lost my inspiration. I love the “In the Trenches” and “Craigslist Monday” posts but the routine of them has made them stale for me. I’m not a really a routine kinda person… and part of the reason I started A Beautiful Abode was to explore the ways I could create a beautiful home on a budget… to keep track of and share the inspiration and resources I ran across in my journey to create a beautiful home on my limited budget.

As I tried to cater more to what my readers seemed to enjoy, I lost the personal side of A Beautiful Abode. And I miss that. I miss the feeling of writing to a few friends about the cool stuff I just found or learned or saw… I miss sharing my projects and chatting about your projects.

So, to summarize what I’ve wasted the last 400+ words trying to get at… A Beautiful Abode is gonna be around another year… but I’m going back to my roots. Posts are gonna be more spontaneous again, without the rigid schedules I keep setting for myself and then missing (which always made me feel like a grade A failure because I’m kinda anal about trying to keep my word!). No worries, it’s not the end of “Craigslist Monday” or the “In the Trenches” interviews… it’s just, those things will pop up more organically… I mean, really, are you gonna hate me if I share a good craigslist deal with you on Thursday instead of Monday?

The great thing about blogs to me, is the feeling of being in conversation with cool, interesting people who share your obsessions. One of my obsessions happens to be budget decorating and I really LOVE sharing that with ya’ll. I hope you’ll forgive me if the way I share it becomes less “professional” and more just “Shauntelle.”   Most importantly, I hope you’ll keep coming back and join in, cause THAT is truly the best and biggest reason for me to keep blogging!  🙂



7 thoughts on “Getting Back to My Roots…

  1. Courtney @ Nesting Instincts says:

    It sounds like you’re totally making the right call, Shauntelle! Your blog has to be interesting and enjoyable for YOU first…everyone else second…or else it won’t feel quite as genuine. Not that I don’t love everything you’ve been doing, but you’ll definitely have a lot more fun with it without the “standards” you try to hold yourself too. You’ve got to do what works best for YOU first. Lots of love! xoxo

  2. Melissa @ The Inspired Room says:

    Good for you, girl! Glad you are sticking around and getting back to doing what you love.

    That is one of the things I said at Blissdom too, I just can’t blog on a schedule. Not to say I can’t schedule things in advance sometimes, but the more I schedule in advance the more it becomes like a task. I like to blog out of inspiration.

    looking forward to 2009 and more from A Beautiful Abode!

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