Mailbag: Where can I find…

Ammie Kim sitting area
Ammie Kim sitting area

I am ALWAYS tickled pink (who came up with that term?!??!) to get comments and emails from my readers. So you can imagine how this email had me bouncing up and down in my chair from excitement:

” love your blog…I saw the Ammie Kim sitting area and loved the chairs…any idea where to get them??

Debbie in Stow, OH”

Ya’ll know there is NOTHING I like better than a virtual furniture hunt! 🙂 So today’s post is all about finding these chairs for Debbie.
I start my hunt by honing in on design details for tell-tale clues of the possible retailer. (Yeah, maybe it would be easier to contact Ammie Kim’s design firm and ask, but where’s the fun in that?) The modern fan shape of the chairs send me running over to Room & Board’s website but the closest chairs I find are:
Room and Board Guffman chair $799
Room and Board Guffman chair $799
Room and Board Astoria $749
Room and Board Astoria $749
No, I’m not blind… I can see that those chairs aren’t exactly like the one’s in Ammie’s sitting area! But they do have a similar feel, just a little more modern.
My next stop is Ethan Allen. Why Ethan Allen, I can hear you asking (come on, play along!)? It’s all about the details… turned legs and the channels on the back, evoke a more traditional take on a contemporary chair. And that, my friends, is all Ethan Allen.
Unfortunately, Ethan Allen isn’t the exact answer either! They offer a similar chair, the Colby, starting at $1000, but the Colby is missing the sleek profile and has a thicker seating cushion. So the hunt continues.
I popped in to Crate and Barrel because… well, because they seem to have new buyers and now you never know exactly what you might find as they try to differentiate themselves their younger sibling CB2 and their competitor, Pottery Barn. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they did have their own take on the tub chair, the cherry blossom covered Azure chair:
Crate and Barrel's Azure $1299
Crate and Barrel's Azure $1299
Still not quite what we’re looking for though.
Overstock offers the Rosemary for $299:
Overstock's Rosemary Chair
Overstock's Rosemary Chair
Yeah, I know that’s a reach… but this IS a budget decorating blog and for $299 I’d be okay with this chair as a replacement option! And since we’re talking budget friendly options, I’d also be consider this pewter club chair for $159:
Overstock's Pewter Club Chair
Overstock's Pewter Club Chair
At this point, I decided that I had to admit defeat. So sorry Debbie! However, I did send an email to Ammie Kim’s design firm and will update with an answer as soon as I receive a response! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Mailbag: Where can I find…

  1. Jeanette says:

    Love the options you selected. And I have to say I do love Overstock when it comes to furniture. Just received delivery on a Drexel Heritage piece yesterday and they were superb and professional.

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