Inspiration Friday: Sneak peak of Nate Berkus’ new HSN line!

Nate Berkus (photo courtesy
Nate Berkus (photo courtesy

One of the reasons I LOVE blogging is the interesting emails I receive.  A lot of times people email me with stuff I would NEVER mention to ya’ll… but ever so often, I receive an email that makes me bounce in my chair or get up and dance across the room.

This was one of those weeks.  On hump day (Wednesday), I got to work in a mood… rainy day and lack of sleep combined to put me in one of THOSE moods, ya know?  And then… it was like the clouds parted!  I opened my email to find a note from the publicist for Nate Berkus announcing his new HSN line!!!!

If, somehow, you’ve managed to avoid Oprah fever, you might not be familiar with Nate Berkus.  (If not, go visit his website RIGHT NOW, and come back here afterwards!)  Nate is an amazingly talented (and really good looking!) interior designer who is regularly featured as the design expert on Oprah.

Ya’ll don’t know how much I love Nate!  I will save all my pennies to buy an issue of O!Home anytime his work is featured just so I can drool over it.  If there was a designer that I could spring for to come redesign my home…. Nate is THE ONE!  Top on my list!

So you can imagine how OVER THE MOON I was to get a sneak peak at his new HSN line that launches on Monday, April 27th.  Picture me doing the cabbage patch in my office chair… yes, I was THAT over the moon.  Especially when I found out I get to share that sneak peak with all of you!!!

But wait… it gets better!

I GET TO INTERVIEW NATE FOR A BEAUTIFUL ABODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, even now, just thinking about that makes me squeal with happiness!  Just think, tips from the expert himself on how to achieve that gorgeous combination of color, texture, warmth, and comfort that epitomizes his style to our homes in a way that fits our budgets.  I can’t wait!

I’m also drooling over his new collection.  Everything in the collection retails for under $500, so it’s budget friendly.  The thing I REALLY like is that you can buy accessories in sets.  You know how it can be so hard to figure out which pieces to put together to create a great tablescape to get that pulled together look?  Nate’s HSN collection makes it easy because he’s grouped certain elements together for us.  And not in that matchy-matchy Rooms to Go way.  Nope.  These groupings look like items you would have naturally collected and arranged together over time (well, if you had Nate’s great sense of style and design eye! I do not have that and that’s why my coffee table is bare right now!).

Alright, I know… you’re thinking that’s MORE than enough chatter Shauntelle… bring on the sneak peak pictures!

Nate Berkus for HSN Astor Tablescape
Nate Berkus for HSN Astor Tablescape
Nate Berkus for HSN Studio Sofa in Driftwood ($499.90)
Nate Berkus for HSN Studio Sofa in Driftwood ($499.90)
Nate Berkus for HSN Ahmad Tablescape
Nate Berkus for HSN Ahmad Tablescape
Nate Berkus for HSN Wrap Bed and Prince Street Bed Set
Nate Berkus for HSN Wrap Bed and Prince Street Bed Set

Isn’t it all beautiful? And there’s more;  I had to work hard to pick just a sample to show here.  Be sure to watch the big HSN design event presented by Elle Decor on Monday at Midnight, 1 am, 8 am, noon, 4 pm, 7 pm and 10 pm eastern to see the rest of Nate’s collection.

And please feel free to send me any questions you’d like me to ask him during the interview.  You can email them to me at snhamlett at gmail dot com or leave a comment.

’til next time!



4 thoughts on “Inspiration Friday: Sneak peak of Nate Berkus’ new HSN line!

  1. Homes Suite Homes says:

    oh how gorgeous! We love the new Nate Berkus line! You have a wonderful site and clearly give it a lot of time, care and attention. In saying this would you be interested in a blog roll exchange with us?

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