Eye catching: the random bits that have inspired me lately

It’s a grey rainy day here in Atlanta and I’ve been wishing I could take a mini vacation somewhere warm and sunny.  The next best thing to that is escaping virtually via the interwebs,  so I thought I would share with you the things that have been catching my eye lately.

My husband recently introduced me to the work of photographer James Howe and I currently have this photo of his on my desktop:

James Howe Architectural Photo
Photo by James Howe; all rights reserved @ James Howe (http://www.jameshowephotography.com)

I could totally envision a large framed poster of this image over my faux fireplace!  You can see more of his images by visiting his blog where he shares not only images in progress, but details of how he created the image.

While browsing the apartment section of the Urban Outfitters website, I ran across a couple of items that just tickled my fancy.

The first is this cute little jewelry stand made of dollhouse chairs:

Urban Outfitters Dollhouse Chairs jewelry Stand
Urban Outfitters Dollhouse Chairs Jewelry Stand

At $68.00, it’s a little more than I could justify paying for cuteness, but I think it could potentially make an interesting DIY project.

I also was utterly charmed by this nostalgic little retro clock:

Urban Outfitters Bonox Clock
Urban Outfitters Bonox Clock

At $18.00, it’s quite budget friendly and just very adorable!

I also love this Poppy Duvet Cover and would happily buy it if I didn’t think my husband would find it too overwhelmingly girly:

Urban Outfitters Wild Poppy Duvet Cover
Urban Outfitters Wild Poppy Duvet Cover


Shall I tell you how much I really loved this duvet?  I saw it and spontaneously started planning a whole bedroom around it!  (And since I know you’re so VERY curious to know what that bedroom would look like, I promise to share it with you in another post later this week!)

An inspiration post wouldn’t be complete, of course, without a visit to Etsy!  The first thing that caught my eye was this awesome bonsai tree sculpture by S. Maxwell Designs:

Carnelian Copper Wire Bonsai Tree on Stone
Carnelian Copper Wire Bonsai Tree on Stone

I was also smitten with the artist’s handpainted pendants:

Handpainted Bird and Forsythia Blossom
Handpainted Bird and Forsythia Blossom

I might have to hint to Santa about this one!

My last bit of inspiration actually comes from the Anthropologie and it doesn’t cost a thing!  I received a note in my email inviting me to preview their new website theanthropologist.net which is, in their words, “a virtual storybook where inspiring content is exposed, emotional connections are made, and the creative process is illuminated.”   It debuts with the work of director Jane Campion, filmmaker Andrew Zuckerman, and Photographer David Eustace.   As someone who is fascinated by the process of creativity, I found the site very inspiring and I think you will as well!

That’s all the inspiration for today!

‘Til next time,










4 thoughts on “Eye catching: the random bits that have inspired me lately

  1. Tricia Ballad says:

    I’m not a big jewelry girl, but that dollouse chair holder was adorable! And you’re right, it would be a fun DIY project – maybe painted pink and used to hold a certain little girl’s ponytail holders……

    thanks for the inspiration, as always!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thank you soooo much for posting about me. I just happened to find this today when searching for wire trees. I didn’t expect mine to come up close to the top and appreciate your kind words. Thanks again and great blog!!!

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