DIY Inspiration: I bet YOU could make THAT!

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you don’t mind another inspiration post.  I know in the past Tuesdays have been themed “Tackle It Tuesday” but there hasn’t been much decorating or household management tackling going on with me lately.  Instead, I’ve been working on a new super secret business project… I can’t tell you what it is YET… but I can tell you that it’s very WONDERFUL and MARVELOUS!  LOL!

Anyway, to semi-encourage YOU to keep up with Tackle It Tuesday, I thought I’d share a little DIY inspiration.  I’ve told you many times that I believe in keeping my eyes open to find inspiration EVERYWHERE.  Lately, I’ve found a slew of inspiration in viewing artist portfolios, especially the portfolios of set stylists and interior photographers.  In fact, I started keeping a bookmark folder dedicated to photos which inspired potential DIY projects and today I decided to share some of those photos with you along with my thoughts on how you’d achieve the DIY version.

Fun Floating  Shelves

Floating Shelf - from the portfolio of Scott Horne (
Floating Shelf - from the portfolio of Scott Horne (

Isn’t this floating shelf from prop stylist Scott Horne’s portfolio so very cute?  I have a feeling it is anchored to the wall with hidden brackets, but you could get a similar look with an Ikea shelving and some chain you can purchase at Home Depot or Lowe’s (this link is just an example of what I mean, if you go in to one of the stores, they have different styles of chain on big rolls that they can cut to length for you – I used to use them to make purse handles back in my crafty sewing days!).  Add a can or two of spray paint and you could personalize this look to match any part of your home’s decor.

Thrifty Extra Storage

Drawer Table (via
Drawer Table (via

I saw this a few months ago while flipping through a gallery on the Better Homes and Gardens website and thought it would be an easy and clever storage solution.  I’m betting you could find some old drawers to use for free, just by haunting craigslist or freecycle for a give away old chest of drawers.  You might find old furniture feet at a salvage yard or you can, once again, visit your local Lowe’s or Home Depot (or Ikea, if you want something more modern and have one nearby).  Pick up some paint and new drawer handles if you want and then it’s as simple as adding the feet to the drawer you plan on using for the base and painting to your taste.  Depending on what you pick and how thrifty you are, this could easily fall into the “$20 or less” project category!

Fill the walls with art for less

Wall of Frames from the portfolio of Jen Everett (
Wall of Frames from the portfolio of Jen Everett (

When I first saw this page from stylist Jen Everett’s portfolio, I immediately fell in love with the wall of frames.  A visit to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill could easily net you a variety of inexpensive frames (or framed art… just pop out the art and tuck away for future craft projects).  Spray paint the frames white to get the look in this picture or be adventurous and play with color (I’m envisioning a wall of bright turquoise frames against a silver-grey background for my home).

When I pulled this photo up to prepare for today’s post, I saw the scrabble board and was inspired with another thrifty art idea… how about collecting old scrabble boards from the thrift store and creating a 3-dimensional piece of wall art?  You could glue a funny phrase or create a poem or just make random words and hang the whole thing on the wall.  You could even hang an “in session” scrabble game by adding velcro or tacky repositionable tape to the back of the letters.   Or you could make a triptych by hanging 3 boards side by side and including a message or phrase that only makes sense if the boards are viewed as a whole. Could be a cute look for a family or play room.

Interesting Side Tables

Interesting Side Tables
Interesting Side Tables from Scott Horne's portfolia (

I’ll end with another two for one picture.  Originally, I saw the ottoman/coffee table made from square cushions and thought, gosh, that’s EXACTLY what I need for our house!  There’s a couple of options available for execution.  If you’re a handy seamstress (hmmm… why isn’t there a male version of that word?!?!), you can grab some fabric and foam from your local fabric store and create your own cushions.  The base would be a piece of plywood (cut to spec by Home Depot if you aren’t THAT handy– I’m not, so don’t feel bad!) with rolling feet attached (also available at Home Depot or Lowes).  If you aren’t big on sewing, you could probably score some discounted cushions at your local T.J.Maxx or Marshalls (or Ross, if you have one.  Go there first, they have a smaller selection but the best prices!).

Once again, when I pulled the photo up to edit for the post, I had a little lightbulb moment.  See that modern glass side table in the other photo?  Ah, well I’m sure it’s probably a pricey piece from a little known boutique store… but I think you could easily replicate it by getting a large, flat bottom glass vase from your local discount home accessories store.  I’ve seen them at my local Home Goods for around $30.  If you can’t find one large enough in diameter, you could purchase 2 or 3 in varying heights and then cluster them together for a modern take on nesting tables.

Hope you enjoyed my little DIY suggestions.  It’s noon our time and I’m starving, so I’m off to heat up my lunch.

’til next time!


P.S.   Oops, almost forgot that I wanted to tell you to make sure you pop over to see  Melissa @ The Inspired Room today.  She’s having giveaways all day long AND she ‘s added a DIY section to her blog that’s chock full of projects to help you add a little budget beauty to your home.  Good luck and happy decorating!  🙂


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