Wow, I love these!

Addicted 2 Decorating Egg Carton Light

(sneaking in….)

Was working on a writing assignment about making a DIY pendant lamp from a coffee can when I ran across Ashley Ann’s great nursery room reading bed made from a couple of pallets.

Man, I want to do that!  My mind started spinning and clicking and suddenly, I was really missing Beautiful and being able to share all these ideas and finds of mine.

So I decided to sneak back in.  Maybe get cozy a little. After all, once upon a time, this was just my little space for sharing my dreams for my own home.

Researching DIY lamp ideas, I ran across the most clever light I would have never thought of:

Addicted 2 Decorating Egg Carton Light
Addicted 2 Decorating Egg Carton Light

It’s made from an EGG CARTON!!!  Can you believe it? Truly, there are some super creative people in the world! Get the directions for making it here.

There were some other things I ran across, but I’m tired now and must go to sleep. Maybe I’ll share more tomorrow.


Oh that Ashley Ann is so creative! Just ran across one more of her DIYs that I know I have to make– it’s a tray made from a picture frame! (I can’t share the photos here, but you need to head on over to her website and see them for yourself… so friggin’ cute!)


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