Why didn’t I think of that?!?!?

Suitcase Tables by lovenostalgicwhimsy

Courtney from Nesting Instincts linked these great tables on her Friday’s Finds today:

Suitcase Tables by lovenostalgicwhimsy
Suitcase Tables by lovenostalgicwhimsy (via Nesting Instincts)

I LOVE these! Not that they would fit with the modern style I lean toward, but they’re so fun and creative.  That’s what budget decorating requires… creativity!

Yesterday I read posts on slipcovering from The Nesting Place and Pink and Polka Dot and now I’ve been inspired to create a slipcover for my own $25 sofa.  It won’t be white though– I know everyone says how easy it is to wash and clean, but I still can’t see white slipcovered ANYTHING popping up in my house.  I was talking to my husband about my slipcovering idea at bedtime and he was hemming and hawing… come to find out, he thinks all slipcovered furniture looks like it belongs to a little old lady who lives in the country.  (I guess that’s his way of describing the cottage look!)  So that, of course, meant I had to find some evidence to prove to him that our slipcovered sofa could look sleek and modern…

Slipcovered sofa from Restoration Hardware
Slipcovered sofa from Restoration Hardware

This is the picture that finally sold him on the idea. Now I have to figure out how much fabric I’d need for a 90-ish” long sofa.  And if I feel brave enough to really do it!


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