Color vs Neutral

Another Living Room from

We just renewed our lease for the condo for another year, which is a good thing. We have a fabulous landlord… she’s absolutely the best!

Anyway, technically we will have been in the condo for a year in August… and it still looks rather blah. Bland. Shall I say college-like?  Hubby and I agree that we’re sick of living this way… the financing are stabilizing and we’re both getting older by the minute… it would be nice to live like grown-ups again!  (And actually have a space we’re proud to invite friends over to versus feeling slightly appalled!)

I may have mentioned that we picked up a $25 Storehouse sofa on craiglist a few months ago; it has great lines, but it definitely needs to be reupholstered. I think that’s going to be our first decorating goal– the problem is– we can’t decide on a color.

Hubby adores this light blue color similar to this:

Cindy Crawford's Avenue Hydra Sofa for Rooms to Go
Cindy Crawford's Avenue Hydra Sofa for Rooms to Go

He would also probably be okay with this mintish color as well:

Cindy Crawford's Avenue Mint Sofa for Rooms to Go
Cindy Crawford's Avenue Mint Sofa for Rooms to Go

I, on the other hand, lean toward a more neutral color. Not that I don’t like the mint or the blue– I do like them a lot! The thing is, I know that I have decorating ADD. Maybe I’d be okay with a light blue sofa in the heat of summer… but I can almost guarantee that when fall rolls around, I’d be complaining that I can’t make things more cozy cause the color of the sofa doesn’t work. (Anyone remember my desire for a grey sofa only a few weeks after getting the chocolate brown one?)

So being aware of my own bad traits, I’d rather get it slipcovered in a more neutral fabric so that I can rearrange and redecorate with accessories to my heart’s content. Also, we do have three kids and the two youngest are very active. If we did get a light blue color, I think it would be spotted within a week and that would just make Daddy mad!

Hubby does understand these things. The problem is, we can’t agree on a neutral color either. I don’t want chocolate brown, black, or taupe. We both agree that white is out for the same reason we can’t have a light blue.  That pretty much removes everything but grey and cocoa.  Hubby doesn’t like grey and I’m not really feeling cocoa.


It’s definitely a slight impasse.

I just sent off for a quote from the re-upholsterer.  Once we have an idea of how much it costs, I guess it will force us to find some kind of compromise, right?  At least, that’s my logic right now.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been surfing the interwebs to get inspiration for the living room:

Living Room from
Living Room from

Maybe I could go with a chocolate brown sofa again if we got brighter chairs this time?

Another Living Room from
Another Living Room from

This room looks so nice and soothing. The arrangement is perfect for our living room because our faux fireplace is situated just like that. The white and the stripes though would never fly at my house.

Colorful Living Room from House Beautiful
Colorful Living Room from House Beautiful

I love the look of this bright living room from House Beautiful‘s website. I dunno though… that green might put me off if it was the first thing I saw coming home on a dark winter’s evening.

Modern living room kitchen combo
Modern living room kitchen combo

I think this photo is from the Better Home and Garden’s website as well, but I’m not positive. I saved it in my inspiration folder because I love how open and airy it looks. And I adore the large bright artwork.

Well lovelies, that’s it for me today.

Happy budget decorating!



2 thoughts on “Color vs Neutral

  1. Kelly says:

    I really like the chocolate brown velvet . A good quality velvet , though pricey, should last a lifetime .
    My sofa is covered in a dark green chenille . The chenille does not hold its shape very well , but this dark green is the best choice ever . It does not show anything !!!
    I think you could ” summer up ” a chocolate sofa with turquoise blue accents, or really fun Liberty chintz print pillows , then you could go neutral linen with a touch of black , or even a chambray blue with a true red would look great with brown as a backdrop !!!
    A friend of mine has a very traditional sofa covered in red leather . I really covet that sofa !!!!

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