Craigslist Monday: Living room for under $250

Craigslist Monday 6/21 Challenge: Living Room for $240

Happy Monday!

At least, it’s a happy Monday NOW.  😛

I started the morning feeling the Monday blues.  We had a pretty good weekend and a relaxing Father’s Day.  I REALLY didn’t want to roll out of bed this morning.  Normally I’m pretty good about shaking the mood off once I get going, but today, I was just pokey and down. Even my morning coffee wasn’t helping!

So I decided to get my creative juices flowing. Nothing cheers me up more than browsing craigslist for good deals, even if I’m simply window shopping. I decided to set myself a little challenge… see if I could manage to pull together a cute and comfy living room with $500 virtual dollars.

And I must say, I out-did myself!  🙂

First I started with this sofa for $75 dollars:

$75 craigslist sofa
$75 craigslist sofa

The ad says it’s a seven foot long, cream sofa, slipcovered in a brown corduroy with free accessory pillows. Based on the picture, it looks like it’s in great shape and with the neutral color, it would make a great foundation piece for a living room. You can’t beat the $75 price (at least, if it’s really in good condition).  I was also okay with the accessory pillows because they gave me a place to start in building a color scheme.

Next I figured I’d look for a cheap coffee table.  Even though I’m on a budget, I’m REALLY picky about coffee tables.  To me, a chintzy looking coffee table can really ruin a room and make the difference between it looking stylishly eclectic or like someone’s attic threw up old family discards all over your space.  So looking for a coffee table took a little while; infact, I almost gave up.  Then I ran across this set for $60:

Bamboo Coffee and Side Table Set for $60
Bamboo Coffee and Side Table Set for $60

Cute, cute, cute (Did I say CUTE?) bamboo coffee and side table set for a mere $60.  The ad says the owner would have sold the pair for $45 if it was picked up by 6/20.  I would still ask for the discounted price, even though I’m a day shy of their deadline date because… well, it can’t hurt to ask, right?  If they stayed strong at the $60 price, that’s okay because my plan would be to keep the coffee table and relist the side table on craigslist for $20 anyway, so either I’d make my money back or make a profit from the deal.  One way or another, I’d still be happy.

Ah, so now I have a place to sit, put my feet up, and sip some tea while I read a book.  But my living room would still be a little empty, right?  A girl’s got to have a least one piece of art on the wall, right?  After all, accessories are what make the space.  And that’s why the next $15 I’d spend would be on this:

French Ad Reproduction Art for $15
French Ad Reproduction Art for $15

Now this is a kinda crappy picture (craigslist selling rule number one… include the best picture you can for the fastest selling!), but this is a pretty large, framed reproduction.  The listing says it’s 39.5″ tall x 31″ wide and that is an INCREDIBLE deal for $15.

Now we’ve got a sofa, a coffee table, and a piece of art to hang over the sofa and we’ve only spent $135 (based on the fact that I can almost guarantee I would have gotten the coffee table set for $45).

I’m happy with that, but I’m not calling it a day yet.  After all, what happens if I want to have a friend over to sip tea WITH me?  Sure, she could sit right next to me on the sofa, but you know how we girls are… we like to sit across from one another to chat, so we can see all the facial movements and body language too.

That means I needed to find some kind of armchair or loveseat.  I went back and forth about that for a minute, but then decided I’d rather find an armchair.  I like my space to have some openness to it and two large sofa pieces don’t give that to me. But that’s just my taste, ya know?

I was browsing for chairs when I ran across a piece I just COULDN’T pass up:

Pair of ladder bookshelves for $30
Pair of ladder bookshelves for $30

A pair of seven foot tall ladder bookshelves for $30!!!  I saw them and knew that they had to be purchased immediately.  They’re white, they don’t really work in the color scheme I’ve been building… but do you SEE them?!?!  Do you have ANY idea how much they’d cost retail?  Much more than $30 for the pair, I’m certain of it.  (As in, follow this link to see a similar style of PLANT STAND at Ballard Designs starting at $199!  And then return and tell me how you can suddenly understand why if I was REALLY shopping, these two would have been in the back of my SUV faster than you could say “deal!”)

I wasn’t sure how they’d fit in with the room I’ve been building, but since this is virtual shopping and I don’t have to provide reasons to my hubby on why they MUST.BE. OURS. IMMEDIATELY. — well, I “bought” them!  🙂

But I still needed a chair.  Luckily, I ran across the perfect piece:

Rattan Chair and Ottoman set for $50
Rattan Chair and Ottoman set for $50

Okay, I know the cushions don’t match anything one bit!  But that’s okay because I know how to use fabric and safety pins to change that pretty quick.  The important part is that the rattan would be a good complement to the sofa and getting a nice rattan chair with cushions and ottoman for $50 is a serious bargain!

I’ve already decided I’m going to paint the bookshelves a glossy red. I may introduce a little bit of black into the room by covering the cushions on the chair and ottoman with black fabric…

Since I’m selling the bamboo side table, I need some kind of side table to set next to the chair and ottoman.  I think this little nightstand from Ikea will do the trick:

Ikea side table for $15 (on craigslist)
Ikea side table for $15 (on craigslist)

I save around $10 by purchasing it from craigslist instead of new from Ikea.  The size is perfect for next to the rattan and the metal legs mixes things up a bit, helping to bring some balance and interest to the room.

The last thing I decide to add is a lamp or two.  Buying lamps from craigslist can be tricky, cause often the inexpensive ones look… well, inexpensive… and more suited for a college dorm room than a home.  The expensive ones, however, often are portrayed as antiques–but I’m not enough of an expert to know for sure, so I worry about getting ripped off.  I normally do my lamp shopping at T.J. Maxx or Marshalls, to be honest… but today, things worked out:

A pair of lamps for $10
A pair of lamps for $10

Yes, I know, they’re GREEN.  They wouldn’t stay that way for long though.  A handy can of spray paint and these little lovelies would probably become yellow or black.  Later on, I probably would trade out the lampshades too, but for the time being, a change of color would make them fit great with my little living room. (In case you’re interested, find the two green lamps for $10 here.)

And here you have it:

Craigslist Monday 6/21 Challenge:  Living Room for $240
Craigslist Monday 6/21 Challenge: Living Room for $240

’til next time…



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