Inspiration Friday: Rethinking Sectionals

West Elm Blake sectional

In the past, whenever I’ve heard the word “sectional” I pretty much shuddered automatically, with visions of old seventies reclining sofas running through my head.  (Yeah, I’ve heard how comfortable they are but visually, I just can’t find a way to see them as appealing!)

Today, however, I learned that my thoughts on sectionals were dated.  Sure, there are still some of the 70’s throw-backs hanging around… like this:

Rooms to Go Blakely Godiva Sectional
Rooms to Go Blakely Godiva Sectional

But there are also gorgeous updated versions that fit every taste from traditional to modern.  In fact, after seeing all the options available, I’m pretty sure we’re going to get a sectional for our living room.

West Elm's Lorimer
West Elm's Lorimer

I was really surprised by West Elm’s selection.  If you’ve followed this blog for any period of time, you know I have a real thing for grey and I’m a serious modern girl… so this version of the Lorimer sectional one makes me swoon.  It’s fairly reasonable as new furniture goes too–around $1500.

West Elm Blake sectional
West Elm's Blake sectional

The Blake is another West Elm sectional that I LOVED as soon as I saw it.  Although it has modern lines, it has a neutral feel that I think could transition with almost any design style… But if you’re a die-hard traditionalist, no worries!  Haverty’s has you covered with their Portland Chaise Sofa:

Havertys Portland Chaise Sofa
Havertys Portland Chaise Sofa

This is the neutral version but you can order it in a wide range of fabrics and colors too.  Personally, if I didn’t have to worry about kids or pets, I’d stick with the neutral and add some colorful patterned pillows for the beginnings of a really pretty and comfortable cottage living room.  I was impressed by the price too– only $1400, which for Havertys–a mainstay of the Atlanta furniture scene for over 100 years now– is quite a bargain.

Before I go, I thought I’d get your opinion on the two options I’m considering for my home… (Which really just gives me a reason to share my Polyvore sets with you guys again– I TOLD you I’m obsessed!  LOL!) The first features a sectional that I completely ADORE called Tribeca from the website Sofa So Good:

And this second one features a sectional from Ikea. To be honest, I don’t ADORE it, but I think it would be more kid friendly:

I’d love to know what you think… and if you’re also on polyvore, drop me a note so I can add you as a contact.

’til next time,



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