Useful, Visually Interesting, and Budget Friendly

Mod 60's Fish Hotel

Don’t tell my husband, but I was virtual shoe-shopping earlier this afternoon, when I ran across the completely most awesome fish bowl EVER:

Mod 60's Fish Hotel
Plasticland's Mod 60's Fish Hotel

As the proud grandmomma to two fish who can’t live in the same bowl (it’s a long story!), I completely LOVE this design upgrade to what is normally a dull every day item.

Another everyday upgrade that just made me smile:

Chinese Takeout Trash Can
Chinese Takeout Trash Can

It’s a trash can that looks like takeout!  Okay, so I know it won’t fit in with serious design, but it’s fun and only $12.00.  I think it could easily be a cute piece to inspire a themed teenager’s room… actually, it might be a cute themed toddler’s room as well.  Or if you’re one of the cool, hip creative adults I admire who decorate with a sense of fun… this little trashcan is perfect to brighten the mood of your home office or maybe a corner of your bedroom.

Wandering around Etsy I stumbled upon:

Etched Steel Teapot Switchcover by shellyhurd1
Etched Steel Teapot Switch Cover by Shelly Hurd

Am I the only one who thinks light switch covers are the ugliest convenience item on the planet? This etsy shop owner, Shelly Hurd, is here to change that though.  She offers a wide variety of artisan light switch and electrical outlet covers that vary in price from $12 to $18 each.

Swallow Electrical Outlet Cover by shellyhurd1
Swallow Electrical Outlet Cover by Shelly Hurd

She also offers what she calls “switchplate jewelry.”  Personally, I think these are so cute and clever… they’re decorative screws basically, that you can use to replace your plain old switchplate screws:

Bumblebee Switchplate Jewelry by shellyhurd1
Bumblebee Switchplate Jewelry by Shelly Hurd

These are little gems in my opinion.  They run $2 to $3 a piece and, just as she has shown in this picture, you could probably get away with using just one on many of your switchplates. While it might be a little pricey to use her $18 custom switchplates to replace the ones in your home, you can easily get crafty with some paint and one of these beautiful little charms to create your own unique creations for every room in your house.

Do you own a cell phone, ipod, or other small, essential tech gadget that constantly needs recharging? Then you should have one of these:

KangaRoom Charger Frame
KangaRoom Charger Frame

This nifty little frame displays a pretty picture of your choice AND charges up to two tech gadgets, hiding all the ugly cords away on the inside.  It’s available in the black above, as well as pink, blue, and green… and it’s only $19.99 at the home organizer’s dream store, KangaRoom Storage.

Finally, have you seen the John Derian collection at Target?  Some really, really cute pieces and not too expensive at all:

John Derian for Target Storage Boxes
John Derian for Target Storage Boxes
John Derian for Target Accordion File
John Derian for Target Accordion File
John Derian for Target Melamine Appetizer Set
John Derian for Target Melamine Appetizer Set
John Derian for Target Honeycomb Mug Set
John Derian for Target Honeycomb Mug Set

None of these items retail for more than $20.00.  I’d order online though rather shop local because a couple reviewers said they couldn’t buy the mugs or dinnerware as a set at the stores.

Okay– I fibbed… I have one very last thing to share… this clock I fell in love with at Alfresco Pendulum Wall Clock Alfresco Pendulum Wall Clock

I wish it were a little bit more substantial, but it’s not bad for $28.00.

’til next time, happy budget decorating!



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