Procrastinating: Stuff You Might Find Interesting

Saint-Pierre by Ian Carpenter

I have things I should be getting done… have I ever told you that I’ve been freelance writing part-time?  I do–mostly health and relationship pieces for— and I have at least four articles I ought to be working on right now.

But I don’t wanna!

Remember when you were a kid and how grumpy the thought of doing your homework made you when you got home from school?  For me, at least, it was like… Dang, I’ve just spent six hours doing this stuff!  You mean I gotta do MORE before I can play?

I think that’s what leads to procrastination.

Anyway, since I’m procrastinating, I figured I’d share some things I’ve run across lately that you might find interesting.

I think I found this website via  It’s like the Netflix of art– seriously, it is!  First you find some art that you like on their website– and they have hundreds, if not thousands of artists– and then you pick a frame you’d like.  You choose a subscription level and then, they start sending you art!

The first month, you get a 12″x16″ poster framed with a mat and 19″x23″ frame.  Then, depending on the subscription you chose, every month or so, you get to swap out the poster you have in the frame for another poster of different art work.

So it’s like you get to have a rotating gallery of art work for between $10 to $20 a month.

If you find a piece you like, your rental fee is credited toward the price of an original piece of art work.

So, for example, I can rent these pieces over a few months:

Advantages by Adam O'Day
Advantages by Adam O'Day
The Great UnConformity by Pauline Lim
The Great UnConformity by Pauline Lim
See by Bina Altera
See by Bina Altera

If I decide that I really LOVE Adam O’Day’s “Advantages,” I can ship back my last poster and then purchase the original oil painting. will credit the $30.00 to $60.00 I’ve paid so far in subscription fees toward the $850 purchasing fee for the 36″x24″ painting.

To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about this.  Even though I do have decorating ADD, I don’t generally want to trade out my art work that often.  The other thing is, since I’m on a budget, I’d like to have the option to purchase the framed poster if I wanted to and have my rental fee go toward that.  Anyway, it’s an interesting business model.


In a similar vein, I found this site called 20×200It’s tagline, however, is “Art for Everyone” and it really is.  Launched by Jen Bekman, a gallery owner in New York, 20×200 releases limited edition prints of original photography and paintings for as low as $20.

Yup, that’s right– $20.00 (see, for those of you who were worried, I haven’t forgotten this is a budget-minded blog!).

So my owl loving friend could get a 8″x10″ limited edition (of 200) print like this:

Owl No. 1 by Lisa Congdon
Owl No. 1 by Lisa Congdon

Or if you had a little bigger budget, you could get a 17″ x 22″ limited edition (of 20) print of this:

Saint-Pierre by Ian Carpenter
Saint-Pierre by Ian Carpenter

Jen releases two new prints per week–one photograph and one painting and she specializes in finding new talent.  That means not only do you get pretty pictures for your walls– you might actually end up with something that grows in value! (Imagine, you could end up on Antique Road Show in 20 years, talking about how you bought this print for $20 off the internet and have an appraiser tell you it’s now worth $200,000!)  20×200

Okay, just one last thing to share– and this is a contest!

GMC Trade Secrets Sweepstakes

First of all– I’m not affiliated with this in anyway, ok?  I don’t make any money off of any links I share with you– if that happens to change in the future (because, hey–if I can share something I already LIKE and can make a little extra money for the furniture project, I’m not necessarily against it!) I will definitely ALWAYS tell you so you can choose if you wanna visit the link or not.

With that little disclaimer out of the way– let me tell you about this sweepstakes.  One of GMC’s PR people contacted me about it a couple of days ago (Hi Aimee!) and because it features the chance to win a room makeover by one of my favorite budget designers, Design on A Dime’s Kristan Cunningham,  I was ALL over sharing it with you.

GMC Trade Secrets Sweepstakes
GMC Trade Secrets Sweepstakes

I was too lazy to write out all the details– a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  🙂  You can enter daily and they’re giving away a $50 Bed Bath and Beyond gift certificate every day too– so get yourself on over there, k?             GMC Trade Secrets Sweepstakes

’til next time, happy budget decorating!



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