Project $2K

Swissotel Tallinn Luxury Suite via
Swissotel Tallinn Luxury Suite via

(Or how I plan to put my money where my mouth is…)

My initial goal with Beautiful was to share what I learned as I attempted to prove that I could create a beautiful, modern-inspired home for my family on a tight budget.

I feel like I lost sight of that along the way.

The site has become heavy on inspiration and light on my own real experiences. But I plan to change that.  I’ve set myself a big challenge that I want to share with all of you… what I’m calling “Project $2K.”

Project $2K is about using all the budget decorating know-how I’ve acquired over the last almost three years to transform our condo into a comfortable, beautiful home– in six months, using only $2,000.

Yup, that’s right — $2,000!

What will that $2,000 need to cover?

  • Decorating the living room including new seating, coffee and side tables, lighting,  storage, and accessories
  • Decorating the dining room/office space including a dining room table, chairs, accessories, storage for office supplies and work desk…
  • Decorating the master bedroom with new linens, lamps, bedside tables, accessories, and organization (and possibly a bedroom work desk because hubby isn’t sure he wants to keep his office space up front)
  • Decorating oldest son’s room with bed (replacing his futon), bed linen, new desk, bookcases, and accessories
  • Decorating youngest son and daughter’s shared bedroom — this will probably really be more about organization than buying much new, although I may change their room’s layout and refinish their furniture.
  • Accessorizing bathrooms and kitchen.

Whew!  It makes me nervous to see how much there is that needs work!  But ya’ll know I’m the Craigslist Queen, right?  Plus I plan to make use of freecycling and getting crafty too…

My other goal with Project $2K is that I want to accomplish this with money that I earn outside of my day job.  And that leads to some changes you’ll see around here within the next few days:

  • You might have noticed, I’ve added a store to the blog.  The store is stocked with pieces I’ve selected myself from the thousands of items of stock available through Any time you make a purchase from the store, I’ll get a percentage of the sale as commission… Don’t worry though, contrary to what Amazon suggests, I didn’t fill the store with a bunch of  high priced pieces that would send you to the poor house!  I looked for items that I love that I’d be willing to pay for and knew, for sure, were a good deal.  If you’re looking for interesting accessories, art, or bedding, please click on the “Store” link in the navigation and take a look around.
  • It’s not up yet because I’m still tweaking it, but I’ll be adding a “Hire Me” page soon offering my services as a freelance writer and budget-minded personal shopper!  If you’re in the design industry and need a freelance writer to write articles or create copy for your website, company store, blog  or catalog, please contact me.  And if you’re working on creating your own beautiful home on a tight budget and need some budget-friendly help to locate just the right pieces– Send me an email!  I should have the details for both services up in the next two days, but if you’re excited at this opportunity and can’t wait that long, send me an email at snhamlett (at) gmail dot com for more details…

These services will help me create the Project $2K fund–so I hope you’ll visit the store and “Hire Me” pages and pass my information along to any of your friends, family, or colleagues who could benefit.

So that’s the scoop on Project $2K.  I’m pretty excited about it and will keep you up-dated as I progress.

’til next time, happy budget decorating!

xoxo –  Shauntelle


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