Inspiration Friday: Jeopardy Edition

This has been a long and somewhat eventful week in my “brick and mortar” life and now I’m getting sick!  So today, I’m going to keep the words to a minimum (and I can hear some of you saying “Hallelujah!”) and make today’s “Inspiration Friday” post mostly pictures.  Let’s pretend this is a visual episode of Jeopardy, ok?  I’ll post the pictures and you try to figure out what the theme is…

In fact, let’s make it an impromptu giveaway contest– post your answer (in question form) in the comments and everyone who gets the question correct will be entered into a drawing for a surprise grab bag!

Here we go:

via Donna Walker
via Poetic Home
via angels in the architecture
coffee table

I’ll close comments at noon Eastern time on Monday (10/18).  I’ll also come back and add resource links then too.

’til next time– happy budget decorating!



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