Craigslist Monday: The “Here come the Holidays” Edition

Autumn Leaf copyright Uwe Hermann
Autumn Leaf copyright Uwe Hermann

Happy first day of November my budget decorating darlings!

Do I hear some groaning? Some sighs of anxiety and distress? It’s okay, I understand! I’ve spent a good portion of this Monday wondering where the year has gone as well… seriously. Where. has. the. year. gone?!?! I could have sworn just yesterday it was March or April. Or at least the beginning of fall.

I’m definitely NOT ready for the Holiday season. I have a feeling I won’t be ready for the season until next year though so I’ve made up my mind not to sweat it. I’m pretty sure this year we will enjoy the hospitality of friends and family for the big dinners, so I won’t have to worry about getting the dining room ship shape in a really short period of time.

However, if I WERE going to kill myself to get the dining room guest-ready, I’d be in bargain shopping heaven today with the great deals I’ve found on craigslist! Seriously, this is one of those times I wish I could buy furniture for just NO reason and give it away when I found someone who needed it because these are just great deals.

Don’t believe me? Well check this out:

Antique Table for $100
Antique Table for $100

Now I’m not gonna go out on a limb and say this is really an antique– nowadays, you know people will call something they bought in the 80’s an antique!– but I will say that it’s a really pretty table and chair set for only $100.   If your taste runs Pottery Barn-ish or French Country-ish or Traditional-ish… well this would be a beautiful addition to your dining room.  And it has a hidden leaf to help it extend so you can squeeze in a few more people at the holiday dinner!

Now what if you have a more cottage style home?  I’ve got deal for you too:

Cottage Style Table and Chairs - $100
Cottage Style Table and Chairs - $100

Again, it’s six chairs and a table for $100.  The ad mentions that the table was painted black last year and has a couple of places where the paint is chipping. If I were thinking of buying this, that would signal to me that maybe the price is a little negotiable… I’d at least ask if they would be willing to consider $85 for it instead of $100.  Why? I’m glad you asked!  Because I’d want to save a little money to buy some spray paint.  Not that black table and black chairs is a bad look… but if it were me, I’d paint those chairs a bright, cheerful color similar to these from the Moms Crafty blog:

Moms Crafty Porch Chairs
Moms Crafty Porch Chairs

Or, I might leave them black and then buy a couple of yards of burlap and some stencils to make pretty seat cushions similar to these from Faded Plains:

Faded Plains Burlap Sack Covered Chairs
Faded Plains Burlap Sack Covered Chairs

In fact, I probably would paint the chairs AND make the burlap cushions. Might paint and antique the table too while I was at it, but you know, it’s easy for me to get adventurous when I’m DIYing in my head!

Finally, here’s a deal I’ve been eyeballing for myself:

Ikea Bjursta Table for $65
Ikea Bjursta Table for $65

Okay, now I know this probably isn’t really as good a deal as the others… I mean, it’s almost as expensive and doesn’t include chairs. Despite that, I still think it’s a good deal for my home. First, because I love the lines of the table and it would fit perfectly with the design I have in mind. Second, I know for a fact this same table is still being sold at Ikea for over twice as much. (Sorry, not handing over the web address for this one!  A girl has to look out for herself sometimes, ya know!)  🙂

Well, those are the deals for the day.  Just in time too, it’s taken me so long to finish this post, it’s almost Tuesday!

’til next time–happy budget decorating!


P.S. Are you a little stressed out about getting your place holiday ready in time for company?  Need a little input on pulling it all together on the cheap? Consider Hiring Me to help you pull your space together…


2 thoughts on “Craigslist Monday: The “Here come the Holidays” Edition

  1. Diana says:

    Good eye, good eye on the Craigslist finds. On the first set, I’d love to see how this looks: the chairs painted white and distressed, while the table is left as is with a wood finish. What do you think?

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