Revamping my home away from home… for $30

I have to start by saying… I blame this whole harebrained scheme on Miss Mustard Seed!

See, I found her blog over the holidays while I was trying to get over the flu (also known in my home as the creeping crud that almost killed mommy between Thanksgiving and New Years).

Found is not really the word for it– I completely fell in love with and devoured every past post of her blog while I was trying not to die from my illness.  In fact, perhaps I could say that her blog saved my life.

(Okay, so that’s melodramatic… reading her blog probably did save the lives of my kids, pets, and husband since I’ve been known to become a little … um… not nice… when I’m sick.)

Anyway– reading her blog reminded me of how much I love the pretty, romantic look of French Provencal.  After devouring all of her pictures and makeovers, I would fall asleep dreaming about redecorating our condo to look like her house:

Miss Mustard Seed's Living Room
Miss Mustard Seed's Living Room

And then I would wake up and remember that THERE’S. NO. WAY. THAT. WOULD. WORK.

Not unless I wanted to force my husband to move out.  (I only considered it for a second honey, honest!)

Now, unlike most wise people, I did NOT take off from work while I fought the creeping crud.  Oh no, that would make too much sense!

Instead, I played martyr and went to work every day… even though no one was trying to buy a thing because they were all too busy doing their last minute shopping and holiday traveling and whatever else (good thing too since most of the time I was probably too drugged up on Nyquil to be much help!).

And having lots of down time to daydream about living at Miss Mustard Seed’s house is EXACTLY what led to this idea I have.

I’m going to redecorate my work office for $30.

Okay, redecorate may be a strong word.  I can’t paint the walls or replace the major pieces of furniture… but I have a vision people.  My vision is to make my rather bland, drab little office resemble a wonderful, romantic, French Provencal dream… for $30.

I told my boss and he laughed at me.  He told me I needed to sleep off the Nyquil for a few days.

Maybe he was right…but I’m gonna find a way to pull it off ANYWAY!

So here’s what I’m working with:

What you see looking in to my office from the doorway.

Desk from the Door
Desk from the Door

What I see sitting in my chair looking out at the door way:

Big Blank Wall
Big Blank Wall

That big blank wall is just lovely, right?  Here’s what I see when I’m seated and look to the right:

Messy bookcase and blank wall
Messy bookcase and blank wall

I inherited most of the “stuff” on the bookcase when I moved in to the office.  Except for the plant–that’s my little Christmas tree that I’ve had for five years now.  It started off just two inches tall.

Here’s what I see when I look to the left:

My big picture window
My big picture window

You can’t tell, but my window looks out to a little lake where I can watch herons, ducks, and geese.  There’s also a little chipmunk who has an underground nest under the bushes.  He doesn’t know I can see him because the glass is dark on the outside.

And, if you’re curious, here are the knick knacks that I keep on my desk:

Mother's Day gifts
Mother's Day gifts

My youngest sewed the snake for me as a mother’s day gift last year in pre-K and my daughter made the little glazed ceramic pig for mother’s day also.  USB ten-key for when I need to type numbers quickly and some little pieces of nature that remind me of different things.

Finally, my inspiration board:

Inspiration Board
Inspiration Board

It’s the only thing outside of my knick-knacks that shows any of my personality in my office.

So–this is where I’m starting.  It’s pretty much a blank slate.  Like I said, I can’t paint the walls or drastically change the furniture, but I CAN make it my own.  And I completely plan on doing that.  I’ve always had a small dream to have a little extra girly getaway and I figure, since I’m in the office nine hours a day, five days a week… why not do that here?  It’ll be the only feminine place in the office though, cause I work with 10 guys!  🙂

This post is super long already, so I’ll wait and post my plans and mood board tomorrow.

’til next time, happy budget decorating!



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