Weekend Warrior: Almost done

Remember how I said that I wanted to try my hand at more DIY projects this year?

This $30 office redesign has more than given me my wish! I gave myself a deadline of this weekend to get all my projects completed in hopes to have everything installed by Monday, February 7th.  That meant I ended up running around a lot after work last week looking for the last few pieces that I needed to create the office I envisioned.

It also meant that today was spent in serious weekend warrior mode:

Putting the hubby to work!
Putting the hubby to work!

I was afraid of the saw and put hubby to work with it instead.  (Love having a handy hubby!)  Of course, later, I had to face my fear and take on the jigsaw myself–and I LOVED it!  I’m desperately wanting to own one myself now (since this is one I borrowed from a friend).

Stinky toes getting in on the act
Stinky toes getting in on the act

Wish I had thought to borrow someone’s power-sander because my poor arms are so sore from sanding with a block of sandpaper.  My youngest thought I should give him a pedicure while I was at it, but I refused him service!  🙂

Stacks of frames
Stacks of frames
Painting frames
Painting frames

I’ve painted so many frames… SO.MANY.FRAMES.   I can’t get the paint from under my fingernails, so I guess that means I have to get a manicure soon.

My lovely 1964 Singer Sewing Machine
My lovely 1964 Singer Sewing Machine
Red silk meet my not so lovely office chair
Red silk, meet my not so lovely office chair.

I have this awesome vintage Singer sewing machine that was given to me by an equally awesome Freecycler.   See that fabric?  It’s red silk, part of two yards that I found at a local thrift store for $1.99– and actually bought for 99 cents because it was half price day.

Red silk fabric + vintage sewing machine + me = well… let’s say that it took a bit of rigging, but my office chair did finally end up with a fabulous new look… involving tacks.

Finish line in sight
Finish line in sight

Yes, there was more painting.  And even a little more has to be done in the morning I think before I’m completely finished.  The end, however, is in sight.  I haven’t told my hubby yet that’s he’s been volunteered to be my design assistant tomorrow when we finally install everything.  SHHHH!  Don’t tell him, okay?  Let him enjoy the rest of the evening in peace!

’til next time, happy budget decorating!

xoxo –  Shauntelle


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