Project $2K: Living Room Progress

I’m a bad blogger.

I started working on my living room makeover and didn’t remember to take before pictures!  In my defense, I started working on it late in the evening so I probably wouldn’t have had the right light to give you good pictures anyway.

So, instead of real “Before” pictures, I have “In Progress” pictures:


The Living Room is progressing
Living Room in Progress


A couple of different angles:


1950's Stereo Console and circle 1970's lamp
1950's Stereo Console and circle 1970's lamp


Danish Chair and Shelve Still Waiting for a Makeover
Danish Chair and Shelve Still Waiting for a Makeover



So far, only $213 spent for the living room.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not close to finished!  I have major furniture pieces basically but I’m still hunting for:

  • the right coffee table
  • a second armchair to go on the other side of the shelving
  • possibly a bench or a pair of ottoman’s to go in a glaringly space beneath our windows
  • a couple more lamps

I think the furniture layout is what we’re going with… mostly because what you aren’t seeing is our faux fireplace and the HUGE television we have angled in a corner right next to the fireplace.  The TV is one of the first types of flat screen tv’s… before the whole TV was flat.  It weighs almost 200 pounds and I’m not sure I could persuade my husband to move it, so I’m gonna have to design around it.

In addition to having a few more pieces to hunt for, I also have several projects that I need to work on:

  • A large piece of artwork that will incorporate a piece of my husband’s photography
  • Refinishing the stereo console
  • Staining and redoing the shelf so that it looks more like this:


Salvaged Wood Bookcase from Hudson Goods
Salvaged Wood Bookcase from


And of course I have to actually accessorize everything after that!  Which means making pillows and new curtains and finding interesting things to put on the shelve once I’ve finished it.

Whew!  That seems like a big list still huh?  I’m determined to be finished with the living room by my birthday in April though, so I’ll be burning the midnight oil to get it done!

’til next time, happy budget decorating!

xoxo Shauntelle


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