A Quick Update: My brush with fame!

I had plans to share a sneak peek of the project I worked on over the weekend but my camera is not playing nice with my computer right now… so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see the big reveal!  A hint:  it’s my sorta copycat version of this lovely salvaged industrial shelf by Hudson Goods:


Salvaged Wood Bookcase from Hudson Goods
Salvaged Wood Bookcase from HudsonGoods.com


I also wanted to share my little brush with fame!

Over the weekend, I was interviewed on the new blog talk radio show Frugalarity!  It was their first episode and my first interview, so I felt really honored and excited that they asked me to be a guest.  Of course, I should have told you guys BEFORE the interview, but last week was a rough one… I was just happy to make it to the weekend, ya know?

Fortunately, you can still check out the archived episode by clicking here.  Be gentle on me, okay… like I said, I was pretty nervous and it was my first live interview!  I’d love if you’d head over to their blog and leave a comment though… and if you are an expert on anything related to frugal living, let Mary know cause she’s looking for more guests.

See ya tomorrow with the big reveal!




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