In the Trenches with Alicia of Project Alicia

Alicia of Project Alicia
Alicia of Project Alicia

Do you tweet? If you don’t, I think I’m about to give you a good reason to consider starting your own Twitter account.  See, Alicia of Project Alicia is just one of the many lovely people I’ve met “virtually” through Twitter connections.

A few weeks ago someone who followed Alicia retweeted something funny she said, which led me to looking her up… ‘Lo and behold, I found out that Alicia is a gorgeous photographer, wife, and mother of two, whose blog captures and celebrates every day beauty.  The beautiful pictures on her blog were enough to make me a huge fan, but then Alicia happened to tweet that she had just finished redecorating her bedroom to prepare for Spring.

When I saw photos of her completed project and found out that she achieved her new look for under $100, I just HAD to share it with you.

How would you describe your design style/aesthetic?

Traditional Contemporary?  Possibly Eclectic.

Alicia's Bedroom Before
Alicia's Bedroom Before (photos courtesy Project Alicia)

Has this always been your style or has it changed and evolved over time?

It has evolved. I am adding more traditional just recently. And learning that you can mix it up and it is still beautiful.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by almost everything. Magazines, commercials, nature. The possibilities are endless if we are open to them.

Do you think you actively developed your style, and if so, would you describe how you feel this development occurred?

It was definitely not intentional. I just do what feels good.

Alicia's Bedroom After
Alicia's Bedroom After

What tips would you share with people seeking to develop their own design aesthetic?

Listen to your own voice. Do what you love and what suits you.

What was your biggest challenge in creating your space?

Limited budget made it a challenge.

How did you overcome this challenge?

I repurposed things I already had and found some great deals.

Have you ever experienced having a design project completely bomb? If  so, how did you move past that experience?

I persevere until I love it.  🙂

What advice would you give people who are afraid to tackle their own design projects because of their fear of “bombing”?

There is really no wrong or right. It is all subjective, which I love. I love that you can take a space and transform it for next to nothing and make it your own.

Alicia's Bedroom Collage
Alicia's Bedroom: It's in the details

What is the best piece of wisdom you’ve gained in the process of creating your space?

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to create/change a space. Just simply by changing a duvet or photo or throw it can change the feel of a space. Love that.


Visit Alicia’s blog to get the details about her bedroom “Make Under” and to see more of her beautiful photography.  If you’re a photography buff, consider joining Alicia’s “30 days of spring” challenge which runs until May 15.  And, of course, please remember to give her some comment love so she’ll know how much we appreciate her chatting with us!

’til next time, happy budget decorating!




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