The Lesson I Learned from Emily Henderson

Hello my sweet ones!

Emily Henderson - Secrets from a Stylist
Emily Henderson - Secrets from a Stylist

Today I stumbled upon HGTV Design Star Emily Henderson’s blog, Secrets from a Stylist.  Now I must admit that I had no idea who Emily Henderson was.  Until we moved into the new place, we did not have cable, so it’s been at least two years since I watched an HGTV show.

Anyway, I was browsing Emily’s blog and really enjoying it… and it occurred to me that I am a bad design blogger.

Okay, I know you are probably thinking “duh, we already knew that!  You update once every three years…”

But I’m not talking about being bad THAT way.

I mean that I’m not great about sharing my decorating processes.  I tend to focus on the big “reveal” but I realized today that the blogs I really enjoy the most share the process.  Like Emily’s blog…

See, I’m reading Emily’s blog and she talks about the before and after process in designing the rooms on her show. I completely love how she straight up tells when she thinks she flopped or when she paid too much for something, plus she shares her favorite shopping haunts.

I want my blog to be more like that.  More sharing and less reveal.  (Well not less reveal, but you know what I mean, right?)

So I’m starting today by sharing the plan I’ve been developing for our dining room area.

I promise I’ll take pictures to show you the bones of the new place in the next day or two, but for now, imagine one big open square space. If you’re standing at the front door, looking into the room, to your left is the kitchen area and to the right is the “living room” area.  To the bottom left of the box is the dining room space.

(Yeah, I know… the room isn’t really a complete box and this imagining thing is a pain… pictures soon, I promise!)

Anyway, here’s the vintage mid century gate leg table we bought for the dining room:


Vintage Gate Leg Mid Century Table
Vintage Gate Leg Mid Century Table (this is the original craigslist ad pic!)


It was the first thing we bought for the new place, maybe a week after we moved in.  Craigslist deal for only $75!  🙂  And it has interesting history too… came from the original Dean of the Marketing Department of Georgia State University when it was Georgia College… and I happen to be a Georgia State Alum who works in… wait for it… MARKETING!  When the lady we were buying it from launched into this story, it started with her asking us out of the blue… Did either of you happen to go to Georgia State University?  Were you a Marketing major?

Completely eery I tell ya… but so awesome because I’m sentimental and all about stories like that!

So I’m building our dining room around this great table.  My goal is to mix mid century with funky modern to get a look that fits both me and hubby (the black version of Greg and Dharma, pretty much!).  The exact plan for it clicked in my head today and I’m SOOOOO EXCITED!!!

Here’s my goal:

Take this table:


Vintage Gate Leg Mid Century Table
Vintage Gate Leg Mid Century Table


Add 4 chairs similar to this:


Spiccato chairs from Overstock
Spiccato chairs from Overstock


and two arm chairs something like this:


WYETH chair by Edward Wormley (via 1stDibs)
WYETH chair by Edward Wormley (via 1stDibs)


And finish off with a gallery wall of art similar to this:


Gallery Wall
Gallery Wall (via pinterest - anyone know who I should credit, please tell me!)


Of course, I must manage to do this for under $500 (which nixes every one of the inspiration chairs but that’s where the challenge comes in, right?).  Honestly, I’ve become so cheap, I’m sure I won’t be satisfied until I find away to get the look I want for under $200.

So that’s the plan.  My big goal over the long holiday weekend is to find something equivalent to the four white chairs.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  And I promise to be a better design blogger and actually keep you updated as I’m in progress from now on.

’til next time, happy budget decorating!




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