The New Condo Part 1

As promised, here’s a sneak peek at our new condo.  I feel compelled to add the reminder:  we have only lived here a month, okay?  There’s no decorating at this point– we’re really grateful to have furniture we like and just about all of the boxes are gone.

The other thing is that it’s not all tidy– this is real life baby!  lol  These aren’t styled pictures, just a few snapshots taken when I got home from work this evening.  So, please take all of that into consideration… and forgive the pictures, there really wasn’t enough light to take good pictures.

So this is the view from the beginning of the hallway, pointed toward the kitchen:

From the hallway looking toward the kitchen
From the hallway looking toward the kitchen

From this angle you can see the awesome faux leather chair we picked up for $25.  (And my petite daughter, who heads to Middle School this fall!)  If you look closely, you can also see our new pet hamster in his ball, trying to roll around on the hard woods.

Living Room
Living Room

This is a better picture of the living room area.  (Remember, the front is really an open concept floorplan.)  I’m standing in the “dining room” to take this picture.

The sofa is an Ikea sofa that we bought on craigslist for $150.  The credenza is a vintage piece someone donated to us right after the fire.  We were also given this really cool bamboo table set and a fold-out sleeper loveseat that had bamboo arms, but it wasn’t our style, so when we found pieces that fit the look we’d like to make, we donated those pieces to some of our other neighbors who also lost their homes in the fire.


This shows our kitchen (hubby was making dinner!  He’s handsome, he cooks, AND he’s handy!  Gotta love it!).  I love, love, love our kitchen.  Even in our beloved old townhouse (our home before the condo that burned), we weren’t happy with the kitchen because everything was old.  This kitchen is newly renovated, so we have new cabinets, a new gas stove, new refrigerator, and the tiled backsplash is awesome.

The table in the center that we’re using as a kitchen island was donated to us by a local restaurant owner.  It came from one of his restaurants and is made from reclaimed wood.  It was the perfect size to give us prep space for cooking.

Since a kid or two is always hanging around while we’re cooking, I bought a pair of stools from Ross ($27.99 each) to tuck under the table.  I’m so-so about the stools.  I really wanted a more industrial set, more like this:

Tabouret Metal Counter Stools via
Tabouret Metal Counter Stools via

Probably, if I can find what I want reasonably priced, I’ll end up trading out.  Luckily, I should be able to craigslist the current stools and earn back what I spent because I got them on a good deal ($57 dollars for a pair as compared to at least $80).

Dining Room
Dining Room

Finally, this is my dining room area.  As you can see, it opens out to the patio.  Right now there’s a silver and glass shelf that was given to us in the corner, but the shelf is a little too big, so we’re still trying to figure out if/how we can use it somewhere else.

So that’s the sneak peak part 1.  I’ll share the bedrooms with you whenever we finally get them organized.  I guess that means you might never see the kids’ rooms since I think they will never really be organized!  🙂

’til next time, happy budget decorating!



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