Inspiration Friday: This and That

Hola my lovelies!

Did you guys have a lovely Labor Day Holiday?  Here in Atlanta, Labor Day ushered in rain and a 20 degree drop in the temperature!  For the first time in the 24 years I’ve lived here, it actually feels like Fall in early September.  We don’t normally get temperatures this cool until the end of October.

Anyway, as weird as it is to have season appropriate weather, I’m enjoying the cool down.  Since the holiday weekend was rainy, we pretty much just hung out around the house… I got in several naps and played with the kids.  It was lovely.  I also decided to cut myself a break emotionally and stop stressing about my lack of inspiration and direction.  Of course, as soon as I gave myself permission to just be, I started seeing inspiration EVERYWHERE so I thought I’d share:

Composition Notebooks were on sale at Target for .40 when the kids went back to school, so I picked up a couple extra and now I’m so happy I did because it means I can test out this art journal tutorial from lil blue boo:

Lil Blue Boo's Art Journal from Composition Notebook
Lil Blue Boo’s Art Journal from Composition Notebook

I’m contemplating exactly where I could use a cool DIY yarn bowl (via the blog Homework):

Yarn Bowl by Caroyln at Homework
Yarn Bowl by Caroyln at Homework

And look at these darling little stuffed monkey’s from the blog Carey’s Art Stuff:

Lue and Sue (via Cary's Art Blog)
Lue and Sue (via Cary’s Art Stuff)

If I’m not mistaken, Cary is opening an Etsy shop soon where she will sell Lue and Sue and other super cute animal creations–just in time to start ordering for Christmas!

Found a picture of a gorgeous bedroom that will be inspiration for our new bedroom:

Catalina Collection Bedroom via
Catalina Collection Bedroom via

I adore this whole bedroom and hubby agrees with me–however, the bed alone retails for something like $1800 and you guys know that’s more than I would pay for one piece of furniture, so I’ll be on the look out for a reasonably priced repro.  Still, it’s nice to have something to work toward.

Finally, I wanted to share a quote from an amazing post I ran across today:

“You’re asking me if it’s okay to be you. You want me to give you permission to write your truth with honesty and heart because doing so scares the living crap out of you. I’m here not only to give you permission, but also to say that you must. There is no other way.

I know because I’m right there beside you, walking down the same path. And so is every other writer on the planet, every other artist, every other person who ever felt outside of who they thought other people believed they should be.

In life, we have to make ourselves. In art, we have to make that self over and over again and present it to the world. We have to put it up on the wall or down on the page or project it on a screen or allow it to resound or glide or crackle across the room. And each time we do that, we must endure the sense that perhaps all has failed, that no one wants this, that we are too much that. Too ordinary or female or obsessed with turtles or experimental or rural or Jewish or derivative or slutty or neurotic or sentimental or gay or Jesus-worshipping or Asian or emotionally restrained or outside-the-whole-MFA-thing or linguistically dense or offensively lewd or just incredibly stupid and weird and boring.

Each time!

… We all start out without an audience and with a handicap. And many of us end up that way too. But the whole deal with making art is you have to be brave. Which is different from not being afraid. You have to dare to inhabit the alternate universe of your original mind and create something for us from that and then stand by and hear what we have to say.” 

(excerpt from Dear Sugar, The Rumpus Advice Column)

Seems to me Sugar summed up the crux of our fear of creating anything, whether it’s a piece of art or a beautiful, engaging life…  so today, I’m going to promise you that I will try my best to be brave and ask you to promise me the same thing.

’til next time,

xoxo –  Shauntelle




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