I didn’t fall in love with design until I was thirty.

It’s ironic really. I grew up in a household ruled by design. My mother was a natural designer; she had an eye that couldn’t be rivalled. I swear you could give her two sticks and some string and she’d manage to make a comfortable living room out of it!

Maybe that’s why I didn’t show much interest in design for such a long time. All I know is that my mother’s house always looked as though it was ready for a photo shoot. My home for most of my adult life, on the other hand, looked more like someone had thrown up hand-me downs in it.

Until I turned thirty. Perhaps it was all that finding myself business they talk about, but suddenly the mix-matched hodge-podge of stuff I owned wasn’t good enough anymore. I wanted grown up digs for my family.

The only problem? We were a one income family of five. Our pennies were stretched twice; they didn’t just scream, they roared from being stretched so hard. I might have wanted a full new house of stuff from CB2, but unless I won the lottery, it wasn’t going to happen. Despite that, I was determined to create a beautiful abode.

And that’s when my budget-minded, thrifty decorating ways began.

It’s been an interesting three years since then. During that time, I found my design style, learned how to plan my designs, and, most importantly, learned to apply my budget stretching techniques to my decorating goals. Even now, when our disposable income is a little bit bigger, I still bargain shop for our decorating needs. I can’t help it, it’s a habit!

This blog is the place where I can share what I’ve learned and what I continue to learn on my budget design adventure. I firmly believe that A Beautiful Abode is possible to anyone no matter how tight your budget and that’s what this blog is about…creating a beautiful home on a tight budget!

I hope you’ll enjoy your visit here and come back often. I’ll share my inspiration, plans, and struggles… I hope you’ll do the same! I look forward to hearing from you!




6 thoughts on “About

  1. Tricia Ballad says:


    I can’t wait to read more – you’ve described my house perfectly! I’ve wanted a house that looked “put together” and grown up for years, but have no clue how to make it happen.


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