Creative, Budget-Friendly Solutions for Your Decorating Challenges

Got a room that’s blah and needs a certain something? Have a specific look in mind but can’t figure out how to pull all the elements together AND stick to your budget?  Don’t want to (or can’t afford to) go into debt creating a home that you feel proud of?  Just need someone to help you make a plan but can’t afford an interior designer?

Hire me to help!

Whether you’re trying to match a designer look from your inspiration file or trying to create a cohesive look with stuff you already own, I can help you create a room that you’ll be proud to call your own.

“Just wanted to say how grateful I am for all your help and how much I enjoyed working with you.  You were truly a delight to work with, your excitement and love for design came through in all of our discussions and that helped me get excited about trying new things.   I loved all the ideas you came up with, although I must admit I was a little nervous about how you would translate my babblings into something beautiful….and you did!  You gave me the opportunity to see my house in a different light and helped me transform it from a house into a lovely beautiful and warm home.  You gave me great ideas that I can easily implement on my own. I realize now that without your trained eye I would not have been able to make those changes that have had quite a significant impact to the overall look of our living/dining room.  And to top it all off, you were amazing at finding beautiful and affordable pieces…in a nutshell, Shauntelle you ROCKED the redesign of our living and dining rooms!!

I will hire you in a nanosecond next time I need assistance with any design related issue!”

– Teresa Delizo, California

The Process

Once Paypal has notified me of your payment for the service, I’ll send you a big list of questions designed to help me pinpoint your personal style, understand your current decorating challenges, and clarify your overall design goals for your room.

I’ll also request digital photos of your space and room measurements, so I can develop a concrete understanding of your physical space.  I may even assign you homework!

Understanding what you like and what you want to achieve is the most critical part of the process, so it may take four to five days as we communicate back and forth until I feel like I completely understand what you like and what you want to create.

Then I’ll get to work developing your unique plan. In approximately one week you’ll receive a detailed plan that includes:

  • an inspiration board and color chart
  • a detailed list of prioritized steps to take to achieving your overall design goal
  • a suggested purchase list with links to retailers that offer you the best options for the best price
  • an craigslist/ebay/thrift store/freecycle list detailing exactly the types of items you should look for and suggestions on the best prices to pay
  • a resource list of DIY projects that will help you achieve the look you want with minimal cash investment and some elbow grease

We’ll also schedule a time to review the finished plan in person or over the phone, so that I can answer any questions you have.   Cost:  $75 per room

View a sample presentation: Click to Open

Ready to create a home that you love?



Contact me:

snhamlett at gmail dot com



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